Keep It Casual With A Boat Wedding

Looking for a relaxed way to celebrate your day? A casual wedding on a boat in Sydney is the perfect way to keep things chilled on board whilst bringing a the WOW factor with the harbour views. Check out our three favourite casual boat weddings below.

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How beautiful is our world that we live in, as beautiful as our brides and grooms-to-be. Yet also how amazing and sensational that we have been blessed with an era that we have had choice bestowed upon us mere mortals. Everyone is different and everyone’s idea of a heavenly wedding theme is different. Not all of us want that hugely formal wedding day that is filled to cramming with every second cousin and aunty that you only see twice a year... and that's on a good year! Some of us just want a casual wedding affair that is friendly, intimate and personal. What can we say?

Casual weddings - take your bow at the centre of that stage! Casual weddings were designed perfectly for those of you who don't want the pomp and circumstance! Casual weddings are so amazingly natural and beautiful and they always offer the very best of reception parties to boot! Loving and unique, a casual wedding is as cosy as it is sensational, so let's go on right ahead and find out what it is that makes that casual wedding so wonderful.

Casual Wedding Attire
Albeit that it's wonderful to be decked out in the most elaborate of wedding finery, it's not everyone’s cup of tea. The beauty of the casual wedding is that almost anything is going to work. As a bride you can opt for anything from a full white bridal gown right through to your casual wedding white jeans and tee (or even your shabby old blue ones if you so desire). For grooms, it's parallel... yet it's advisable that one compliments the other. For your guests, the only thing they need to know is dress codes and your casual wedding is going to glide along as all casual weddings should.

Casual Wedding Venues
For casual wedding nuptials why not head straight down to the beach, kick your shoes off and open up those picnic hampers. Throw caution to the wind and pack up bags crammed with casual wedding Frisbees and badminton rackets. Serve up the casual wedding beach cocktails and hire a casual wedding ice-cream seller for the day. A great casual wedding venue that is as free and as fabulous as a bird in the sky!

Alternatively, mow the lawn, dig out the barbecue and have a casual wedding reception in your very own back garden. What better way to have the very ultimate casual wedding that is both intimate and personalized to you and your lifestyle?

Casual Wedding Memories
Casual weddings are some of the most beautiful weddings of them all. Everyone is relaxed and nobody is too nervous and it shows in those casual wedding photographs. Give everyone a cheap camera and get them all to take casual wedding snaps of your wonderful day and give those casual wedding cameras back to you before they leave! You'll have more memories than you could ever imagine and, once again, have saved a fortune on those casual wedding formalities!