Byron Bay weddings done right

Couples can enjoy relaxed outdoor wedding ceremonies by the beach in picturesque Byron Bay. Byron Bay has to be one of the favourite holiday destinations for Sydney-siders. The balmy northern NSW town boasts the most easterly point of Australia and delights both beach and nature lovers, foodies and fun-loving adventurists, style junkies and the spiritual. To all, it delivers a unique calmness and serenity, which makes it the ideal destination for the busy bride and groom in the lead up to their big day. The appeal of Byron Bay as an out-of-town wedding destination is reinforced by suppliers such as Byron Bay Weddings, run by local brothers Che and Jules Devlin. Che manages the popular and long-standing Fig Tree restaurant set in the region’s hinterlands and overlooking the magnificent beach and lighthouse ( while Jules stands at the helm of local favourite, The Eatery ( in Byron’s town centre. Taking the business over from their parents about nine years ago, the boys injected their own brand of foodie fl air into the iconic restaurants. Their culinary style has been described as a true mix of international influences, exotic spices and tastes — all made using fresh and quality products sourced from local producers, farmers and fishermen. And the success and demand for their unique culinary vision and dishes led to the launch of their catering business, aptly named FEAST, which is all about choice and customisation. With an “anything is possible” ethos, Che and Jules encourage couples to use their imaginations and create the wedding they really want. In the past, this has resulted in couples opting for grand weddings with feasting tables as well as smaller, more informal dos, featuring tapas served on rustic breadboards or gourmet burgers served from a cool burger bar — and my favourite… dessert stations dishing out triple-scoop gelatos!

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Wow factor: This brides 3 metre veil

Stephanie wanted something quite unique and her amazing wedding veil was the culmination of a worldwide search for an extremely wide pure silk tulle! We found it and after working on the final details via email these beautiful images show the results. A double layered, exquisitely soft 360cm wide Italian made Pure Silk Tulle veil at 3 metres long! These beautiful photographs are courtesy of Chris Clinnick Photography

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Absolute Waterfront Location

The Lagoon is a multiple award winning restaurant which was recently crowned ‘Australia’s favourite Restaurant’ by the Lifestyle Food Channel. We are located on the waters edge where Fairy Creek Lagoon meets the Pacifc Ocean. Utilize our spectacular deck with amazing views for pre-dinner Canapés and Drinks and start your celebration in style. A Wedding at the Lagoon Restaurant offers an absolute waterfront position with magnicent views and floor to ceiling windows that embrace the beautiful surroundings. It is the ideal backdrop for a romantic Wedding, perfect for memorable photos and just the right place for your special day.

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Wedding by the Beach

Nothing says "I do" like a gorgeous beach wedding in Bali! Bali Weddings International is a well established wedding event planner. For over 20 years we have assisted couples who choose to be married in Bali and as such, can be relied upon to ensure perfect preparation and co-ordination to every aspect of your wedding arrangements. Bali Weddings International is a member of the Association of Wedding Professionals International and has been for a number of years. For a truly romantic, private and fabulous destination wedding and/or celebration, consider a private villa stay with Bali Weddings International. It is considered by many to be an idyllic option for such special occasions.

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Beach Weddings

Thinking of having an awesome beach wedding? Wanting to tie the knot whilst gazing out over the deep blue ocean? Nothing radiates romance and charm quite like a beach wedding and to make it all the more seaside decadent, let's take a sneak peek at what you'll need to make those tropical dream nuptials complete!

The Beach Wedding Invites
From sky blue invites right down to sandy seahorse shaped ones, your invites need to ooze your theme of that one and only, beach wedding perfection!

The Beach Wedding Dress
When you looking for that perfect beach wedding dress for your awesome beach wedding, make sure that you buy something that is befitting to its surroundings! Sheath wedding dresses made of chiffon, for example, are magical for a beach wedding. They shimmer and flow in the breeze and they are also lightweight and portable for travel. Hoops and petticoats don't pack down into suitcases so easily! Guys, this is the moment that you get to wear the lightweight linen suit that you know looks so good - it's the dream wear for that beachside wedding!

Time Your Beach Wedding Right
If you're beachside and it's full summer, remember that the afternoon may leave you and your guests swooning with heat exhaustion! Beach weddings are glorious, yet beach weddings can also be punishing if it's in the full heat of the day! Have chilled water available for your guests along with maybe some hand held fans and sunscreen wipes! You don't want your beach wedding to be filled with memories of people suffering!

Beach Wedding Flower Power
Make sure that you consult with your beach wedding florist for the very best of blooms that will withstand the heat! Think about orchids, hydrangeas or dahlias! They are the perfect beach weather floral choice, yet be sure to have some water spray handy just in case! You'll also need to pay care and attention to your beach wedding bridesmaids bouquets too - don't forget the members of your beach wedding entourage!

Beach Wedding Photography
Precisely how much fun can you have with this one! Create some great and fun beach wedding photographs with the world being your oyster and the ocean being at your feet! However, pay heed when choosing a beach wedding photographer. You will need to interview and investigate and choose one that's used to beach wedding photography. There are issues with differences in lightings and environments when it comes to beach weddings and you can't afford to get it wrong!

The Beach Wedding Note...
Mother nature and beach weddings don't always work hand in hand! Have a plan B... you never know, your beach wedding may need one!