Bridal photography at The Epping Club

With a beautiful sweeping staircase perfect for “Gone with the Wind” style photographs and a wedding coordinator on hand to help you with every step of the organising process, there is nothing The Epping Club cannot offer.

A White, Blue and Pastel Palette

The theme of nature and wood flowed throughout this laid-back wedding. Couple: Rachael and Owen Location: Deckhouse, Woolwich Rachael wore a gown from Pallas Couture which features a French lace bodice with a sweetheart neckline and a feature bow on the waist. A unique feature was the handmade rosettes across the hipline with a skirt of silk tulle and hand crinkled chiffon. The ice blue and natural wood-inspired reception was held at Deckhouse in Woolwich. Their 127 guests dined on lamb cutlets, scallops, barramundi and beef with blue cheese souffle. Desserts consisted of the wedding cake, mini fruit flan and mini berry brulee.

A Wedding Proposal By Air

See what happened when Heliscenic had the pleasure of taking Nathan up at the start of the year to ask his special someone that all important question. With these stunning views and perfect weather it was no wonder she couldn't say no! Find the video here

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Keep the Celebrations Rolling with Live Music

Getting your guests onto the dance floor has never been so easy with the fun, energetic music that this well-known Sydney band has to offer. With a wealth of experience up their sleeves, plus a unique ability to bring music to life, there’s no better way to celebrate your big day From the depths of Sydney’s thriving music scene to exotic and extravagant weddings in New York, Bali and Papua New Guinea, The Baker Boys Band has a wealth of experience in delivering vibrant and exciting live shows. The boys play music for one reason: because they love it. Far from the stale wedding bands that play the same tired songs over and over, The Baker Boys offer something you can’t get from an iPod or a DJ: energy, enthusiasm and a desire to share your special day. Considered the best in the business for their talent and versatility, The Baker Boys offer a variety of line-ups, from a three-piece rock band to a 14-piece big-band ensemble. They’re as comfortable with classical music as they are with top-40 hits and are as enthusiastic to craft a memorable playlist as you are. The boys have played with the likes of Crowded House, Pete Murray and Gotye, and their mastery of a staggering array of musical styles will ensure you get exactly what you’re after — and more. They relish getting to know their clients and formulating an evening to match individual personalities, tastes, budgets and backgrounds. After performing at every type of wedding imaginable and celebrating a range of cultural backgrounds, there’s very little The Baker Boys haven’t seen or can’t do. They’ve played at Greek, Jewish, Italian, Celtic, Macedonian, Korean and Chinese weddings, on boats, in the snow and on mountains. You name it, they’ve done it. This assortment of unique wedding experiences not only demonstrates the flexibility of The Baker Boys, but also affords them a wealth of perspective on what makes your wedding day deeply special, personal and enjoyable. The band offers a fully customisable service with an option to have an MC as well as music during the ceremony. For a tailored experience that’s as enjoyable as it is personal (not to mention stress-free), The Baker Boys can’t be beaten. To see exactly what The Baker Boys Band has to offer, witness the boys live at one of their showcases. Further details are listed online.

Every part of your sensational and glorious wedding is magical, right from the moment that you walk down the aisle, to the moment that you both drive off into the sunset on your sweet honeymoon way... However, a major part of the whole planning has to be the wedding reception. It's a huge part of the day and the wedding reception needs to be precision planned to make sure it's on cue in every way, shape and form! Yet what is the wedding reception etiquette? There's so many things that you need to organize and the wedding reception (or even the wedding receptions – some of you may feel the need for a couple), is looming and you need to be writing out the wedding reception invites – and fast!

The Wedding Reception

Do I Have To Invite Everyone To The Ceremony And The Wedding Reception?
It's becoming more and more fashionable, particularly where ceremony venues are limited in space, to have intimate family members only to the official tying of the knot and then your other friends and more distant family members to the wedding reception only. The only time it becomes unacceptable is an invite to the ceremony and not to the wedding reception.

We're Both From Different Countries: What Is The Invitation Etiquette For The Wedding Receptions When You're Having Two
It's becoming more common as days go by for the necessity for two wedding receptions. It may be clear that certain people won't be able to attend the ceremony alongside the wedding reception, yet they'll be available for the wedding reception that's not on the actual day that you get married. However, if they are close family members or friends, you will want to invite them anyhow to exhibit that they are a well respected member of your entourage of life!

Do I Wear My Wedding Gown To Both Of The Wedding Receptions?
Generally, you wouldn't wear your gown for the wedding reception that you'll be attending for those who couldn't make the wedding day itself. However, it's not a hard and fast rule! Wearing your wedding dress for your second wedding reception is not such an unusual idea!

Do We Have To Leave The Wedding Reception By Midnight?
Some couples love to stay at the wedding reception right until the end. They want to party the night away with their friends and family and spend the wedding reception enjoying themselves, to the full potential. No one is going to throw you out of the wedding reception; you may want to stay there until you see the sun rise up the following morning! One of the most important things about the wedding reception is to enjoy it. It's that one and only day of your life that you'll never experience again.

The wedding reception is a big part of that and is there to be loved and appreciated.