Keep the Celebrations Rolling with Live Music

Getting your guests onto the dance floor has never been so easy with the fun, energetic music that this well-known Sydney band has to offer. With a wealth of experience up their sleeves, plus a unique ability to bring music to life, there’s no better way to celebrate your big day From the depths of Sydney’s thriving music scene to exotic and extravagant weddings in New York, Bali and Papua New Guinea, The Baker Boys Band has a wealth of experience in delivering vibrant and exciting live shows. The boys play music for one reason: because they love it. Far from the stale wedding bands that play the same tired songs over and over, The Baker Boys offer something you can’t get from an iPod or a DJ: energy, enthusiasm and a desire to share your special day. Considered the best in the business for their talent and versatility, The Baker Boys offer a variety of line-ups, from a three-piece rock band to a 14-piece big-band ensemble. They’re as comfortable with classical music as they are with top-40 hits and are as enthusiastic to craft a memorable playlist as you are. The boys have played with the likes of Crowded House, Pete Murray and Gotye, and their mastery of a staggering array of musical styles will ensure you get exactly what you’re after — and more. They relish getting to know their clients and formulating an evening to match individual personalities, tastes, budgets and backgrounds. After performing at every type of wedding imaginable and celebrating a range of cultural backgrounds, there’s very little The Baker Boys haven’t seen or can’t do. They’ve played at Greek, Jewish, Italian, Celtic, Macedonian, Korean and Chinese weddings, on boats, in the snow and on mountains. You name it, they’ve done it. This assortment of unique wedding experiences not only demonstrates the flexibility of The Baker Boys, but also affords them a wealth of perspective on what makes your wedding day deeply special, personal and enjoyable. The band offers a fully customisable service with an option to have an MC as well as music during the ceremony. For a tailored experience that’s as enjoyable as it is personal (not to mention stress-free), The Baker Boys can’t be beaten. To see exactly what The Baker Boys Band has to offer, witness the boys live at one of their showcases. Further details are listed online.

Style your vintage wedding with Vintage Made Magazine

Vintage Made is an Australian magazine showcasing vintage fashion and lifestyle, and the return to a simpler way of living. Each issue is packed with inspiration and articles useful to brides looking to have a vintage styled wedding. See beautiful examples of vintage dresses, accessories, styling tips, music, recipes and more. Creative brides can use the pull-out patterns to sew their own vintage clothes and make vintage crafts! This magazine is perfect for the DIY bride.

Let Fireworks Add a Touch of Magic

Ensure your wedding is unforgettable with incredible special effects from Wedding Fireworks by Pyro Oz Imagine getting hitched with a bang: a sparkling shower of light as you enter the reception, a dreamy bridal waltz with dry ice, or even a full fireworks display when you say your final goodbyes to your guests. These spectacular special effects can make a wedding day even more unforgettable. Peter McGill and Julie Weske from Wedding Fireworks by Pyro Oz have the theatrical expertise necessary to add pyrotechnics and special effects to your wedding. They are experienced in all aspects of fireworks, whether indoors or out. The pair takes care of all safety precautions, necessary permits, informs the relevant authorities and liaises with the venue. Once you have decided what kind of wedding you want, they can advise you on which effects will work best for your chosen theme and venue. After 10 years of creating magic moments, Peter says their services are in demand. “Couples are increasingly creating original experiences for their guests; they are willing to do something different, something unusual, something surprising. To meet this growing trend, Wedding Fireworks can offer something unique and memorable,” he says. Pyro Oz has created dramatic moments at many different styles of weddings, from the smallest wedding on a beach through to society nuptials on the harbour and at glamorous reception centres. Its range of special effects extends way beyond fireworks — once, the company even filled a garden ceremony full of bubbles!

Whether it be a great DJ to get everyone up on the dancefloor or a stylish and elegant jazz band, wedding entertainment is a huge part of the day's events to cherish and remember. Not sure which wedding entertainment way to turn? Why not read on for some fun wedding entertainment ideas:

Top Twenty List Of Wedding Entertainment Fun:

  1. Choreograph your first dance and wow all your friends with your very own wedding entertainment!
  2. Hire a wedding entertainment photo booth that provides your guests with various props and backdrops to amuse and bemuse!
  3. Book a white wedding bouncy castle for the day! Wedding entertainment for all the family (except for your great Aunty that's 101 next week)!
  4. Give your guests some gambling thrills with a casino as your wedding entertainment... and then get them to bet on who's next to tie the knot!
  5. The ultimate in wedding entertainment has to be an impersonator! So if Kylie and Jason can't make it, book their doubles.
  6. Organize your very own wedding entertainment flash mob! What is there not to love, wedding entertainment at it's very finest!
  7. Organize a pizza oven and sit under the stars! Wedding entertainment and reception catering all rolled into one.
  8. Have some wedding entertainment fun with an '80's dance-off! Your friends will love the wedding entertainment madness!
  9. Hire your local night club out for the night and provide a VIP wedding entertainment evening for you and your guests! Invitation only...
  10. Hold your reception in the local museum or zoo and let your venue be the wedding entertainment inspiration of it's very own!
  11. Book a magician for a magic show and at the end of the evening you can magically disappear into wedded bliss as husband and wife!
  12. Have a beautiful fireworks display. It a stunning and elegant form of wedding entertainment that you'll remember forever.
  13. For those beach and warm weather wedding entertainment ideas... what about an icecream truck or cotton candy stand?
  14. Who needs the DJ for some cool wedding entertainment, when a piñata and a croquet lawn set are the complete set for the evening!
  15. Give your guests some wedding entertainment at the table. Have some cootie catchers and easy crossword puzzles for unusual fun and frolicks.
  16. Get some bunny girls and guys in to servce vodka jelly shots... your guests may not remember the end of evening wedding entertainment the next day though!
  17. Order a jukebox, darts board, pinball and popcorn machine – retro wedding entertainment at it's best!
  18. Get your local Mexican Mariachi band to seranade from table to table.
  19. Get you and your guests rocking and rolling with a karaoke machine! Wedding entertainment won't get any funnier!
  20. And finally... hire in a beautiful sparkling dance floor and book the DJ! Wedding entertainment doesn't have to be wild, it can just be a question of simple yet elegant fun!