A Classic Wedding Dress and a Gorgeous Backdrop

A dramatic sky and a classic colour scheme made for a perfect day for this couple. Couple: Joanne and Andrew Location: Dunbar House, Watsons Bay After a one-year engagement, the couple wed at Robertson Park in Watsons Bay. The couple's 86 guests were treated to a menu of salmon, zucchini flowers, barramundi and lamb, with a choice of warm chocolate pot or creme caramel for dessert. Bride's advice: "Keep a categorised folder of all wedding necessities and ideas, and make sure your dress is the one you've always dreamed about. Keep your groom involved in the wedding planning process."

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The registry office makes a comeback after 'Sex and the City'

Perhaps a church is not for you. Have you considered a registry office wedding? These days, it’s not unusual for couples to opt for a civil marriage ceremony with statistics showing that more than two marriages in three in New South Wales are civil marriages. So if you’re considering this option, here are the details that will help you get the ball rolling. Start your journey A registry office wedding can be special, personal and elegant while also being an ideal option for couples looking for something simple and intimate. The New South Wales Registry is the largest provider of civil ceremonies in the state and is accustomed to catering to a diverse range of backgrounds. It also brings with it the experience gained in guiding couples through their civil ceremonies since as early as 1856. Registry office marriages are conducted in three locations — Sydney, Parramatta and Newcastle — with couples being offered a wide variety of options from historic wedding venues via a partnership with Sydney Living Museums to a range of venues in Illawarra. There is also the option to marry at a variety of beautiful city locations, picturesque garden settings, chic inner-city venues or even a charming old courthouse. Registry ceremonies are both professional and personal so your day will be exactly as you would like it to be. How do I take the first step? The New South Wales Registry looks after all legal requirements, from ceremony to certificate and will also cater to weekday weddings — as well as weekend weddings — if that is your preference. Contact the New South Wales Registry to discuss your wedding with one of the marriage officers.

The restaurant that hosts your wedding and reception

This happy couple — one from Sydney, one from Melbourne — wed with Balmoral’s beautiful beach as their backdrop. Couple: Senem & Craig Location: Oliverto Ristorante & Bar, Sydney Craig and Senem met in Koh Samui, Thailand, on the 26th of December, 2011. On their last day together in Thailand they made arrangements to see each other back home in Australia. Three weeks later, Craig made the first trip to see Senem in Melbourne. After that, there were many trips back and forth, and after a year of long-distance love, Craig proposed. “It was the most beautiful proposal a girl could ever ask for,” explains Senem. “He had candles all around the house with gorgeous roses and champagne on the table. I had no idea he was about to propose. Craig led me to the balcony and there, spelt out with candles were the words ‘Marry Me’. He went down on his knees and I accepted immediately!” After 12 months of planning, Senem and Craig wed at the Balmoral Beach rotunda looking out over picturesque Balmoral Beach. The couple opted for a rustic theme and Senem wore an elegant dress from Ronald Joyce in Melbourne. Her groom wore a Steel Blue Hugo Boss suit as Senem was adamant black would be too harsh for a beach wedding. The reception was held at Oliveto Ristorante & Bar where the happy couple’s 96 guests joined the newlyweds. “It went by so quickly! I had the best time of my life and wish I could re-live the whole day again. I was super nervous before the ceremony but after that was over we both had the time of our lives. I think it was the best wedding I’ve ever been to." Bride's Advice: “Get ready as early as possible as every bride ends up running behind schedule. My hair and makeup artist was about 45-minutes late! That put me way behind schedule and added to the nerves. So ensure you account for any mishaps. When you’re ready earlier, you have more time for photos too.”

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When you're getting married there is so much to consider, so much that you need to think about and so many things that you need to book. Included in this immense list has to be the reception venue. Finding the right reception venue for your wonderful day is quite high up regarding importance on that list and you will both be keen to find a reception venue that is suitable to your wedding day plus your own personality and style.

Selecting that all important reception venue can depend on a number of factors. It's a good idea to make a reception venue list before you begin with the search and narrow it down a little, making the decision process a little more straightforward.

The Wedding Reception Venue List

  • Will your chosen wedding reception venue hold the amount of guests you are planning to invite
  • Is our wedding reception venue available for our wedding date
  • Is the wedding reception venue suitably close to the ceremony and does it have plenty of parking
  • Are we the only reception venue that is taking place on our chosen date
  • Can the reception venue provide what we want for our budget
  • Does the reception venue hold all relevant licences for serving food and alcohol Once you've established that your reception venue is free, available and within your budget, you can then begin to book it and start to relax.

Once The Reception Venue Is Chosen And Booked, What's Next?

Once you're comfortable in the knowledge that your chosen reception venue is booked and your deposit is paid and up to date, it's advisable that you visit the reception venue a couple of times in advance. Try out the food there, book yourselves in for a Saturday evening and establish that the reception venue is the quality that you'd anticipated before you'd paid your deposit and maybe even consider any wedding exhibitions that they may be holding there. Ask them if it would be acceptable to see the reception venue when they're hosting someone else’s big day, see how it looks decorated for the event.

Know Your Reception Venue Backdrops In Advance

Should the option be available to you, visit your reception venue with your wedding photographer. It's great to know your backdrops in advance and reception venues are perfect for photographic backdrops! Speak to the reception venue coordinator and find out which locations that they would recommend for the very best photo opportunities. Your reception venue is a huge part of the wedding day, it's important to get right and you will be keen to book that perfect reception venue in advance. Yet always remember, if you're booking last minute and by chance, they have an opening, you may save some pennies along the way...