Picturesque garden views

The gorgeous outdoor wedding ceremony of Marty & Rachel at Como House & Gardens (South Yarra) in November of 2015. Shot by Sean Dove Photography

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A Rustic Popup Wedding

Our beautiful couple were the biggest group we had on at Valentines Day Popup Wedding. Their 3 daughter were beautiful and look like little angles as they walked down the isle before their beautiful mum. It was a magical day and everyone involved had an amazing time. The wedding was held at the stunning Hanging Tree Wines in the beautiful Hunter Valley.

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It's obvious that there's going to be a ceremony... yet you're a little lost for ceremony ideas? Look no further, we've got a great list of them that are perfect for those forthcoming nuptuals and they range from the regular and cute ceremony ideas that we all know and love, right through to the sheer outlandish ceremony ideas!

Top Ten Fabulously Awesome Ceremony Ideas To Love

  1. Hold a cocktail party pre-ceremony, it's a cute ceremony idea that you're guests will all adore and it's slightly more unusual than what they may be used to.
  2. Mix and match your seating in a more irregular fashion that usual. Try circular seating for a cute ceremony idea or maybe get your guests to not be particular on which side of the aisle they sit and have them all celebrating your day together!
  3. For an original ceremony idea, why not swap the traditional flowers for some cute homemade paper ones or give your bridesmaids a sweet clutch bag to walk down the aisle with... a fun ceremony idea that is chic and feminine.
  4. For an alternative ceremony idea, why not have something musically whimsical to walk down the aisle to. However, be aware, heavy rock and rave music might be an original ceremony idea, yet your grandma may find it a little shocking.
  5. Read and write your own vows is always a great ceremony idea and can be completely personalized to you! An awesome ceremony idea to begin married life!
  6. For a beautifully romantic ceremony idea, why not release some romantic Chinese sky lanterns. Stunning and memorable, it's a great ceremony idea that will always be popular.
  7. For another great ceremony idea, why not wave some flags and bring some football rattles! Who say's you have to throw rice and confetti? You did say you were looking for alternative ceremony ideas didn't you?
  8. Have your dog as your bridesmaid or best man! How cute is that as a ceremony idea? However, only choose this option if your dog is very well behaved!
  9. Give your guests handkerchiefs for their tears of joy... it's the practical ceremony idea that will give your guests a wonderful take-home keepsake of your beautiful day.
  10. Paint your ring finger with a different colour of nail polish... it's that handy hint ceremony idea at is as cute as it is alternative! So you see, who on earth said that ceremony ideas had to be run of the mill? Who said ceremony ideas were about who to choose for a reading. Ceremony ideas can be fun and fabulous, just as your wedding day will be!