Surprise Wedding

Love it when a couple does something with a twist. They kept all their guests in suspense by not revealing the super fun location of their wedding until the day of their wedding!!!

A Look Inside The Epping Club

Our Bridal Consultants & Stylists are across all the latest trends in décor and wedding themes and demonstrated just some of their many ideas for what your wedding at The Epping Club could look like at the Bridal Showcase! Featuring the most on-trend linens, dinnerware, floral design and furniture The Bridal Showcase featured different ‘stories’ on each table, showcasing the many options available to brides.

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Tips to Using a Professional Stylist

We chat with Kellie Martin of Affections Wedding & Event Hire on all things event styling How did you begin in the event and hire business? I wanted to provide a personalised service to brides and grooms where I was able to help couples create their dream day! Have you noticed any trends recently and if so, what are they? Rustic and vintage styling is very popular at the moment, which adds a romantic feel to any day. What is special about your event styling? From our first meeting to the day of your wedding, I hope to make your dream wedding day come true. I always give 110 per cent so that I can offer couples exceptional service. What kind of weddings have you been involved with in the past? From intimate weddings to large ones, there’s such diversity in what couples want from their day, so I try to cater to all types of weddings — large and small. Is there a particularly special wedding that you have styled recently? All our weddings are special. The union of two families is a really incredible and emotional thing and I always feel special to be involved. What do brides need to have before they come to you? Colours and venues are a great starting point. How can couples get an idea of what you do? We have a showroom based in the Hunter Valley where we can put designs together. Or, alternatively, our website is a good place to start. What is your price range? Depending on what sort of styling the couple wants, we can cater to all budgets. We have catered to many budgets in the past, from $800 to $20,000. With your industry expertise, what advice do you have for soon-to-be-weds? There is no need to stress on your wedding day. The last thing you want on the day is to be rushing around decorating your wedding venue. Affections will liaise with your venue so when you arrive all that is left to do is celebrate.

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Why You Cant Go Past a Classic Vera Wang Gown

A classically elegant wedding with a contemporary twist Couple: Lisa & Richard Location: Museum of Contemporary Art, The Rocks Sydney While Lisa was travelling in South America, Richard sent her some love quotes written by Khalil Gibran. At the end of the quotes he wrote “and there is one more quote to come but that will have to wait til later...” Two years later, Richard asked Lisa to read the book containing her quotes. When she turned the page to read her final quote, she saw a note written by Richard: “Marry me?” Lisa wore a strapless Vera Wang gown from Helen Rodrigues, with a fitted bodice, cream sash, and voluptuous tulle skirt. A colour theme of ivory and cream was given a striking splash of midnight blue, echoed in the bridesmaids’ strapless, floor-length dresses. Lisa’s Oscar de la Renta shoes took her from aisle to dance floor in style. After a traditional ceremony at St Mary’s North Sydney, the couple and their 150 guests enjoyed a reception at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The menu was a highlight, with contemporary Australian cuisine and a buffet of traditional Italian and Lebanese sweets. The couple’s first dance was to Frank Sinatra’s “It Had to Be You”.

Wedding styling is such a gorgeous thing to do. Wedding styling means that you are getting married and that's awesome! Yet creating your own wedding styling can be a little overwhelming and you'll need to know where on earth you're going to begin. Let's look at those wedding styling ideas and get you on that creative wedding styling road whilst avoiding those bumps, tears and tantrums!


Step 1
Of The Wedding Styling Process Together, make a comprehensive wedding styling list and don't forget to plan that wedding styling budget! Discuss your dream wedding, what it is that you'd like and dislike for your big day.

Step 2
Of The Wedding Styling Process Begin to collate and develop the wedding styling thoughts and ideas. Take inspiration from the various different articles that you'll find from our site and start pinning those ideas onto your mood board. It doesn't, at this stage, need to be particularly refined and stylized; you need to be looking at various colours and themes, different gown styles, flowers etc.

Step 3
Of The Wedding Styling Process Now that you've got to that stage where the wedding styling hunting and gathering is coming together, you'll want to sit down together with your mood board. There will be certain themes and colours that will become more prevalent than others. The wedding styling creativity and imagination should be merging beautifully by this stage to give you something that looks familiar.

Step 4
Of The Wedding Styling Process Now it’s time to put those wedding styling ideas into place. You'll need to be looking into where you source those wedding styling props and requirements. You'll want to investigate the shops and suppliers that provide wedding styling essentials. Always remember to be conscious of that wedding styling budget before you move on to that next stage of the wedding styling developments.

Step 5
Of The Wedding Styling Process Decide on whether you're going for DIY wedding styling or whether you're intending to purchase. Once that decision is made, start purchasing your wedding styling props or begin to make your DIY wedding styling essentials. At some point, set up your wedding table at home, for example, and see how your wedding styling looks in reality! Practice a few times and remember to take photos of your wedding style designs that you're delighted with; you might not remember second time around.

Step 6
Of The Wedding Styling Process Make sure that you've got your wedding styling supply box always full to brimming and at hand. Scissors, string, tape and ribbon are required, at minimum! Don't forget to pack plenty in your wedding styling box, you'll not be the only one needing it because...

Step 7
Of The Wedding Styling Process You'll need help! Anyone that you can possibly rope in on the wedding styling fun is highly recommended! Wedding styling is great fun but it's work and you don't want to be doing it single-handedly!