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Located in Sydney's idyllic Gladesville area, the Art of Baking has a very clear motto. Absolute dedication to our bridal couples ensures your dreams come true on your special day. Our cakes are baked fresh and are decorated on the day of your wedding where possible to ensure absolute freshness. We also believe a cake is a cake and do not charge additionally for any of our bridal services. Our consultations are complimentary and we will work with you every step of the way. Naked cakes, full buttercream and fondant cakes. All our cakes are designed with our couples in mind. Let us help you create the cake of your dreams for your special day.

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Stick to tradition with this cake

Talented cake artist Leanne Sanidas from The Cake Studio is a true specialist in creating visually striking and delicious wedding cakes. From three-tiered delicacies to elaborately decorated cakes, Leanne and her team create pieces of edible art that your guests will remember for years to come. Setting The Cake Studio apart from other cake suppliers is Leanne’s dedication to creating delicious and beautifully designed cakes from scratch, at a reasonable price, with as much input from the couple as possible. If you need some inspiration for your wedding cake, The Cake Studio has a range of images on its website, or visit the store (no appointments necessary) to discuss your ideas with Leanne. The Cake Studio’s speciality is the three-tiered quilted cake dotted with Swarovski crystals, which is to-die-for, to say the least. This cake isn’t for any wallflower; it’s a design made for couples who appreciate the finer things in life and want their wedding to really be remembered by their guests. For a wedding cake that looks flawlessly elegant and unique, visit The Cake Studio to make your ideas a reality.

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Blissfully Sweet Wedding Cakes

Cakes by Wooden Spoon Cakes are the perfectly sweet addition to any wedding day Every wedding has a story behind it and the team at Wooden Spoon Cakes believe the perfect cake can tell that story. For the past three years, the artists behind these cakes have been channelling their talents into masterpieces, taking the art of cake decorating back to basics. With a focus on freshness, quality and delicious flavours, their cakes are the perfect mouthwatering addition to any wedding day. Offering more than 25 tantalising flavours to choose from, Wooden Spoon Cakes deliver unique creations, limited only by a couple’s imagination. The company prides itself on being a part of your celebration. The process is personal and the skilled pastry chefs are involved at every step, from when an idea begins to bloom, to the final cake that graces the table on your big day. The team have been blessed to be part of a diverse collection of weddings in the past, through which they have garnered a wealth of experience that they can bring to your special day. The result is a cake expertly matched to your personality. However traditional or whimsical your wedding, your cake is guaranteed to be a hit among guests, with the blissful taste rivalling its striking design. Taking on only a limited number of cakes each weekend ensures time can be spent getting acquainted with each couple to acheive the end result of a cake made with care. Delivering throughout Victoria, Wooden Spoon Cakes caters to a range of events and budgets. The cakes are entirely homemade and natural, with gluten-free options available. For a personal experience, make an appointment to meet with the team so you can realise your dream cake.

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That iconic wedding cake! Where would we be without it? As adorable and colour coordinated as our flowers are to our ravishing wedding gown, we want our wedding cake to be captivating, delectable and delicious all rolled into several sweet tiers! Wedding cake fashions move as quickly as any other types of fashion and you really need something that is not only striking, you require a wedding cake that is timeless and elegant.

Choosing wedding cakes can sometimes be a tricky business, you will need to have a fairly fixed idea of what type of wedding cake that you're looking for before you even begin to discuss budgets and sizes with your bakery! Need some wedding cake help with wedding cake ideas? Read on!

Top Ten Creative Wedding Cake Tips And Ideas

  1. Your tiers don't need to be round. Wedding cakes also love squares and hexagons as much as they love to have their shapes mixed and matched!
  2. Get your wedding cake to pay homage to your gown! Your wedding cake can look SO impressive and amazing with ruffles and lace!
  3. Create several small, singular wedding cakes and provide your guests with a cute cake table that's packed full of delectable desserts and fancies that will take the place of that one big wedding cake!
  4. Work some fabulous colour into that wedding cake. Anything from black and gold to flamingo pink teamed with violet! Nobody claimed that the wedding cake has to be white!
  5. Floral wedding cakes are always adorable and you can make it even more charming by teaming your bridal bouquet theme into that delightful wedding cake.
  6. Naked wedding cakes are becoming increasingly popular and they are a fabulously economical option if you're looking to cut some corners. What is the naked wedding cake? Easy, it's a wedding cake without the sticky sweet icing!
  7. Personality wedding cakes are a great form of expression. From a novelty bride & groom in their racing car, right through to Mr and Mrs Smith emblazoned for all to see, personalizing your wedding cake is certainly not to be dismissed!
  8. A fabulous dessert transformed into a visually beautiful wedding cake is also a fantastic way to be alternative! From macaron towers right through to the delightful French croc en bouche, there's always a stunning wedding cake alternative.
  9. Themed wedding cakes will always be a talking point. Maybe the force needs to be with you and you require it Star Wars shaped or maybe your camper van wedding cake is the show stopper that's going to be devoured on the day!
  10. And finally... how on earth can anyone forget about that beautiful, stunning, elegantly refined and oh so sophisticated traditional wedding cake that we all so love and adore!