Setting Up Your Gift Registry

Offering exceptional service and a variety of gift options, Australia’s largest department store is the go-to destination for couples Australia-wide. As times change and wedding themes and traditions continue to diversify, one thing that remains important to the bride and groom is the joy of building their future home. While the nature of gift-giving has changed significantly in recent years due to an increase in couples living together before marriage, the value of a gift registry in streamlining the gift-giving process for guests and creating fantastic solutions for registrants has endured. Whether you’re starting fresh and registering quality homewares to last a lifetime or updating your home with new-season trends, the Myer Gift Registry is your ideal service. For more than 25 years, the Myer Gift Registry has offered the best registry service in Australia. Couples can easily create their own unique gift list in-store, which is then linked via the national system to all Myer stores throughout the country. Offering expert advice and ideas, as well as exciting promotions and a completion program, the Myer Gift Registry helps make gifting as easy for guests as it is for the happy couple. How to create a gift registry: Creating a gift registry is as easy as 1-2-3! First, book an appointment or visit your closest Myer store (ideally approximately three months before the big day) armed with nothing more than your dreams. Once in store, you’ll be given a hand-held scanner to scan anything and everything you like. Friendly and knowledgeable Myer staff are on-hand to help if needed. The next thing you know, your gift list is in the national Myer system, with the option to make additions or changes whenever you please. All you have to do now is include a Myer Gift Registry card with your invitations or email the gift registry to your family and friends. Once your guests have made their purchases, Myer offers a single-drop delivery service, taking care of just about everything when it comes to giving gifts on your big day. Purchasing from a gift registry is an easy, fun and affordable option for guests. It also offers peace of mind as your guests know their gift is something that will be loved and appreciated. Guests and couples alike also have access to a range of great promotions, while any unpurchased items on the registry can be bought by couples at great prices, thanks to special discounts offered through Myer’s completion program. With discounts available for everything from electrical items to homewares, the possibilities are endless. Gift registries aren’t just for expensive or extravagant weddings. Myer has helped every type of bride and groom from just about every location to create their perfect gift wish list, catering to the budget of any couple and every guest. The Myer Gift Registry is even available for other special occasions, including anniversaries, engagement parties, kitchen teas, baby showers and birthdays.

Your wedding day is looming, you've been window shopping for dresses, you've booked the reception, now it's time for some fun organizing one of those gift registries that you're about to read about! So where do you begin? You know that you don't need any more toasters; you've got two of the damn things already! Where you start is with gift registries! They are the guys that take the hard work out of it! So let's read on and learn about those essential gift registries and the do's and don'ts of using gift registries.

Wedding Gift Registries: The Essential Do's and Don'ts When Do We Organize Our Gift Registry?

DO make sure that you organize your gift registry early on in the day. You can begin thinking about making the list and registering with a gift registry immediately after you've got engaged and set a date.

Where Do We Organize Our Gift Registry?
If you're having a slightly smaller affair maybe you'll want to think about enlisting a shop that everyone will know and love for your gift registry. However, if it's anything that's over twenty or so guests DON'T be inclined to go down this road. Spread your love around and think about online gift registries.

What Price Range Should We Have On Our Gift Registry?
Make sure that you DO have a varying price range with your gift registry, there needs to be something for everyone. Places like Amazon and Not Another Toaster are the perfect gift registries that you can find gifts at prices for everyone.

Useful Gift Registries Price Guide:

  • 25% Will Purchase Lower Priced Gift Registry Gifts
  • 60% Will Purchase Medium Priced Gift Registry Gifts
  • 15% Will Purchase High Priced Gift Registry Gifts

Can We Request Money For Gifts And Purchase Our Own?
Albeit that you may be tempted to ask for cash – DON'T do it, unless swapping charity donations for your wedding gifts. Stick to the gift registries and let people make their own decision on offering money as your wedding gift.

What Type of Gifts Should We Ask For With Our Gift Registry
DO ensure that all of the gifts that you register with your chosen gift registries are relevant to yourselves. You may have had your eye on that bikini waxing kit for a while, yet it's a little personal to “her” and not really an appropriate registry gift!

When Can I Begin To Open & Use My Gift Registry Gifts?
This one is simple! DON'T be tempted to dig in until after your nuptials have taken place. We realize that it's exciting and you're dying to have a go with those blenders and kettles... leave them alone! Gift Registry Thank You Notes! DO take care, sending out appropriate thank you notes that are written on paper and posted in a letterbox! You may have used an online gift registry but emailing your thank you note is not going to cut it!