How to Style a Wedding in the Vines

This stylish wedding in the vineyards of Peppers Creek in the Hunter Valley turned their beautiful barrel room into a magical space with a few gorgeous styling elements.

Incorporating Blushing Blooms and Tones

It was a wedding among the vines for this lovely Australian and Irish couple Couple: Sandra & Gerard Location: Robert's Restaurant, Pokolbin Sandra met Gerard when she first started at an accounting firm as a junior receptionist. Even after leaving work and studying for four years, their love remained strong. Five-and-a-half years later, on holiday in New Zealand, Gerard proposed. “We took a 15-minute helicopter flight over Lake Wanaka and the surrounding mountains, before landing on Mount Roy. The pilot set up a picnic blanket and basket and then flew away, leaving us alone overlooking the most magical view,” says Sandra. “Gerard asked me to stand up and that is when I knew what was about to happen. I started shaking and Gerard remained on the ground, on his knee, ready to ask me to be his wife. It was the most beautiful moment of my life.” As some of Sandra’s family came from Ireland, the couple wanted their wedding to reflect both their Australian and Irish heritage. The bride and groom said ‘I do’ at the Convent of Mercy, Singleton, in the Hunter Valley, with the bride in a strapless Ilissa gown with a sweetheart neckline by Demetrios and stunning Neo strappy heels with bows, and the groom wearing a custom-made tuxedo by The Black Label. The elegant country setting of Robert’s Restaurant in the Hunter Valley was perfect for the couple’s romantic reception. There were subtle hints of coral pink and the couple danced to ‘Love on Top’ by Beyoncé. Sandra even wrote a personalised thank you letter to her parents that she left on their seats. Bride's Advice: “Plenty of things didn’t go as planned for me on the day, yet I didn’t panic. At the end of the day, you are marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Stand back and take in the atmosphere, enjoy the company of the people you love and don’t stress. Roll with it!”

From Bridal Bouquets     Discover Wedding Traditions

Your bridal bouquet is a large part of the decision making for that gloriously splendid day ahead! Bridal bouquets can vary from the simplest of forms through to something dramatic and impressive. It will require some prior thought and planning to get it bang on trend and how you want it and you're at the right place to discover how to achieve a beautiful bridal bouquet for your dream wedding day.

Yet where do you begin with the choice and the style for that stunning bridal bouquet, where do you begin with knowing colours, knowing flowers... your florist knows!

Bridal Bouquet Advice
Once you've chosen a florist for your bridal bouquet, you'll need to believe in your florist, trust your chosen artist! Florists make bridal bouquets on a regular basis; it's their business to know how colours, styles and flowers blend together in harmony. All you need to do is communicate your likes and dislikes, advice on colours that you like alongside your theme and then be flexible about ideas. They are the ones that will give power to the flower in that beautiful bridal bouquet.

How To Choose Bridal Bouquet Colours
It's not complicated to choose your bridal bouquet colours as generally your bridal bouquet works hand in hand with the wedding theme colours that you've already fixed into place. However, one important thing that you may need to bear in mind whilst opting for colours for your bridal bouquet will be to mix it up a little. White dresses with stark white flowers can get a little lost! Greenery is always a good option in bridal bouquets but do make sure that you include a little contrast.

Huge Bridal Bouquets
We know you want to create a wow factor, yet if you're going to do that with your bridal bouquet make sure you communicate with your florist and get it absolutely 100% right! You don't want your dress and your bridal bouquet to be right in the centre of a style war with your bridal bouquet coming out on top. Sometimes less is more!

Perfumed Bridal Bouquets
A perfumed bridal bouquet is a beautiful idea, however, as long as it doesn't make yourself or your future husband-to-be sneeze and sniff away throughout the nuptials. Streaming eyes are not pretty on wedding photos!

Be Kind To Your Bridal Bouquet
On a final note, always be kind to your bridal bouquet. Make sure that somewhere on hand is some spraying mist to keep that beautiful bridal bouquet feeling cherished and perky and try not to be too brusque and bruise those delicate petals!