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Creating custom cookies for weddings for over 7 years now, I honestly am so honoured to play some part in a couple's big day! Being limited only by your imagination and mine (so - no limits!) I help my couples every step of the way, from design, to choosing colours, at which point I take over and create the cookies and magically they appear at their doorstep, or their venue - anywhere in Australia! To see more designs head to

Bonbonnières! What are they, where does it stem from? Do we need to have them and how much do we need to spend on them? So many bonbonnières questions and not sure which way to turn...

Bonbonnières And Where They Come From
Let's get you started with a little history on what exactly is a Bonbonniere! To keep it simple and straightforward we can tell you that you may know them better as wedding favours! We can also tell you that bonbonnières hail from that beautiful land of love and romance, France. However, don't be overly fooled if you see the word bombonniere which is from Casanova country, Italy!

Bonbonnières and How It All Began
Giving out wedding favours dates back to years gone and it all began with those European aristocrats. The bonbonnières were tiny little trinket boxes that were filled with sweet confectionary or sugar cubes. Sugar was a rare commodity in days gone by and the bonbonnières was filled up with these sweet treats, symbolizing royalty and wealth. As sugar lowered in value, bonbonnières became more popular, owing to affordability.

Bonbonnières And Sugared Almonds
You'll often see the tradition of sugared almonds in a bonbonnières trinket box at weddings or maybe just wrapped in a neat little bonbonnières parcel made of tulle. Have you never wondered what on earth this bonbonnières wedding favour is all about? Well... there is actually a reason or two that it’s traditional to offer sugar or Jordan almonds as your bonbonnières. One reason is that a fresh almond is bitter and so you will need to sugar coat it. The bonbonnières represents the bride and grooms life as a married couple and wishes them all the sugar coating for any bitterness, resulting in happiness.

Another reason for that beautiful sugared almond bonbonnières wedding favour is not to do with the nut itself but moreover to do with the five sugared almonds that you'll often find in your bonbonnières box. Five is an odd number; odd numbers are unbreakable and undividable! Do we need to explain further? However, also, in some countries those five bonbonnières sugared almonds also represent happiness, health, great wealth, fertility and a long life. So you see, those bonbonnières are not just about offering your guests a beautiful wedding favour because you can!

Do I Have To Offer A Bonbonniere
It's not essential and if you're looking to scale down the costs a little, bonbonnières are a great place that you can do this. However, they're not expensive and you can always create your own cute little bonbonnières. There's a whole host of bonbonnières to choose from as wedding favours from highly elaborate and personalized right down to a gorgeous little homemade wrapped up set of those Jordan almond wedding favour bonbonnières. Have fun with them, enjoy them and offer your guests any bonbonnières that you wish to give! They'll embrace them as they'll know that they've come from you and they've been offered from your heart!