Wedding cakes

Located in Sydney's idyllic Gladesville area, the Art of Baking has a very clear motto. Absolute dedication to our bridal couples ensures your dreams come true on your special day. Our cakes are baked fresh and are decorated on the day of your wedding where possible to ensure absolute freshness. We also believe a cake is a cake and do not charge additionally for any of our bridal services. Our consultations are complimentary and we will work with you every step of the way. Naked cakes, full buttercream and fondant cakes. All our cakes are designed with our couples in mind. Let us help you create the cake of your dreams for your special day.

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Bespoke Invitations

Your one-stop shop for all things stationery One of the first things a couple does after announcing their engagement is picking a date for the big day. Wedding invitations are the outlet through which you and your partner tell the world when it is that your magical day will occur. Being among the first acts that an engaged couple will commit together, it is understandable that this is such an important and treasured part of the wedding planning. To accommodate for this special beginning to your wedding, the Inspired Design team has amassed all the tools you will need to make your wedding invitations a memorable start to the journey. Inspired Design offers a range of unique, quality and cost-effective products, including specialty papers, invitations, embellishments, bomboniere and gifts. The use of these products can be used for wedding invitations, engagements, save-the-date cards, christenings, place cards, reply cards, thank you cards, bomboniere tags, place cards, wishing well cards, gift registry cards, menu cards, guest entrance cards and order-of-service cards. With more than 1200 varieties of paper, the world’s finest paperies are at your disposal. The team also offers everything you may need in the way of accessories, embellishments, stickers, bomboniere, guests books, ribbons, boxes, cake bags, gifts, craft products, scrapbooking and much, much more. Among the Inspired Design team’s assets are unique design, the finest materials and high-quality print processes, including digital, thermographic, embossing, foiling and letterpress printing, as well as a beautiful selection of unique and original designs. With Inspired Design, you not only have the option of letting the team design your invitations for you, but with a free lesson, you can also “do it yourself” with the assistance of a designer. For the largest range of papers and unique designs at affordable prices as well as award-winning customer service, look no further than Inspired Design.

Wedding planning is a blend of emotions. We know it can be stressful, we understand that it can be annoying, yet we also love the fact that it can be fabulous fun! Wedding planning is something that you or your wedding planner are going to do once in your lives and you're looking to get it right. We guess that you're going to need some wedding planning guidance. We all know how the wedding planning is going to end... but where do you begin, and what do you do in the middle? So let's just get going.

7 Tips To Get Wedding Planning Your Dream Day

  1. Wedding Planning Mood Board This has to be where it begins! Pin your board full of colour blends, wedding cars, wedding rings, table decorations, wedding venues and anything else that you can possibly imagine for wedding planning your perfect wedding day. At this moment we're not thinking about budgets, we're thinking about dreams!
  2. Fine Tune The Wedding Planning Once the perfect wedding planning mood board is crammed full of dreams... you need to begin to become, ummm, real (Sorry)! This is the moment that you make a list of : - Budget - Numbers - Fix that date
  3. Wedding Planning And Your Theme Time to begin deciding on your theme and diminishing those random pins on your mood board. The wedding planning needs tidying up and things need to take shape! You'll need to pin point your colour scheme and decide on whether you're going for a formal affair or something more vintage and boho! Oh, and don't forget, with all that wedding planning, you need to book those venues!
  4. Wedding Planning And Your Wedding Day Brand This is the time that you have fun with design. You've chosen your colour scheme and you've picked your theme. Now it's time to get seriously wedding planning and begin to think about table plans and styling props! Then get wedding planning a little further and design those invites that will blend with the other elements beautifully!
  5. Wedding Planning Your Wedding Dress Now it's time for wedding planning to become even more fun! You've been wedding planning for weeks, you've chosen your bridesmaids, you've worked out the tables and you've cried a few tears... let's go shopping! Wedding planning that perfect wedding dress is an awesome activity and no wedding planning would be complete without it! Round up your best friends and get yourself out and shopping!
  6. Wedding Planning And The Wedding Day... You're nearly there, you've become a wedding planning guru, now all that's left is to organise fittings, finalize those hair appointments, check on venues, check all of your wedding planning lists... nearly there!
  7. Wedding Planning Over – Time To Tie The Knot! Phew, you did it!