The Joy of Making Your Own Wedding Band

Larsen Jewellery is the only place in Australia where you can share the unique and romantic experience of making each other’s wedding rings under the guidance of your own personal jeweller. Designing and making a ring for your partner as an everlasting token of love is possibly the most romantic gesture one can make. The Wedding Ring Experience only takes around four hours and we guarantee a perfect result. Any design is possible, from classic wedding bands to unique wedding ring designs involving diamonds, engraving or a mix of metals. Your jeweller will add any design features, such as diamonds, after you’ve finished making the rings and will also make sure the wedding ring matches perfectly with your engagement ring, even if it has an unusual shape.

Soft Peach Peplum dress to dance in

This couple’s love of swing dancing and rustic vintage styling inspired their country-themed wedding Couple: Kasey & Scott Location: Belgenny Farm, Camden Kasey and Scott lived next door to each other for roughly two years before they started dating. During that time, Scott constantly vied for Kasey’s attention but she didn’t initially fall for his affections. It wasn’t until Scott got the courage to say “Gee, your hot... but, not as hot as me!”, which took Kasey by surprise, that the pair became inseparable. Years later, Scott proposed one Valentine’s Day morning. “He woke me up just before my 5am alarm with a ring box in his hand!” says Kasey. “We don’t normally celebrate things like Valentine’s Day — we think a relationship should be special every day — so it was totally unexpected!” After discovering that the store where she initially ordered her dress went into liquidation, Kasey managed to find the perfect wedding gown. She walked down the aisle at Belgenny Farm in Camden in a soft-peach, custom-made Ziolkowski gown with a peplum-style lace bodice and lace fishtail skirt with a long train. “I also wanted another shorter (just below the knee) skirt for the reception, because Scott and I swing dance and I wanted to relax and have some fun,” says Kasey. The couple’s reception was held at the same venue to keep with the rustic country theme. They had vintage-style games for their guests to play, such as ring toss and bocce overlooking a gorgeous vineyard, and a photo booth and lounge area where guests could relax. As the couple love swing dancing, they danced barefoot under the stars. “It was better than any dance floor. The atmosphere and mood was so different because everyone was out under the moonlight having a blast!” Bride's Advice: “Remember why you’re getting married and that is because you want to make that eternal commitment to your best friend, the person you love, cherish and adore, and you want everyone you love to witness it. So the small things really don’t matter and generally for everything that goes wrong, there is something so much better around the corner! Enjoy your wedding: the engagement, the planning, the trials, the fittings and the day. If you feel yourself start to stress a little, step away from everything ‘wedding’ and forget about it for a while until you chill out and are ready to tackle it head on!”

Why You Should Make Your Partners Wedding Band

Make your very own wedding bands under the guidance of an experienced jeweller Larsen Wedding Rings specialises in custom-made wedding rings. While Larsen’s jewellers can make the rings for you, the store also offers the unique experience where you and your fiance can make each other’s beautiful wedding rings under the guidance of an experienced jeweller. Couples love the idea of wearing a ring made lovingly by their partner, which makes the rings so much more meaningful. It’s also such an exceptional, romantic and fun occasion. The entire process has been set up for people with no experience and an expert jeweller will guide you through the entire process. The finished rings are guaranteed to be absolutely perfect and look like a professional jeweller has made them. Using centuries-old techniques, the process of making two perfect wedding bands is surprisingly easy, taking only four hours. As all the rings are custom-made, any design is possible and your wedding ring can be fitted perfectly to complement your engagement ring, even with matching diamonds. If you would like to include a mix of metals, diamonds or engraving, your jeweller will add these afterwards. Larsen Wedding Rings offers an obligation-free design appointment where you and your partner can try on the store’s many display rings and discuss your design preferences.

Personal Momentos For Your Bridal Party

Bespoke, handcrafted pieces that are as unique as the individual who wears them are Uberkate’s speciality When my husband, Adam, proposed, it was one of the biggest surprises of my life,” recalls Kate Sutton, creative director of Uberkate. “He wrote a proposal song and sang it to me in the middle of a restaurant. This year, he surprised me again, handwriting the lyrics of that song onto a precious silver bangle … I know those words, I know that handwriting, I know that I am loved.” Creating bespoke jewellery for the bride, groom and bridal party is what Uberkate does best. It specialises in handcrafting beautiful unique pieces from precious metals in a way that is exceptional and special every time. “Love, and the unique way we can capture that feeling, translates onto a piece of jewellery and the joy we see it bring is not only our motivation, it’s our passion,” says Kate.

Fashions and trends vary like the wind. “So next week” very quickly becomes “so last week” and everyone is constantly talking about it. Fashion is ever on the move, always evolving and wedding fashions are no different. A bride-to-be has to firmly have her eye on the ball and her finger on the fashion pulse to make sure she get's it right... she needs to have a few of her very own tricks up those fashionable sleeves of hers. The big day may be about sensational love and devotion, yet it's also about looking and feeling amazing! Yet fashion is not what it's all about to make you look and feel fabulous.

Fashions come and fashions go... it's style and elegance that remain. And moreover, it's your style and elegance that will be there on the day! And we are sure, here at that one of the most important things pertaining to your elegant wedding, fashionable (or not) as it may be, is that it will absolutely oozes sophistication and style! However, here's a fashion question that will have been asked a million times over.

Can You Break The Fashion Rules On Your Wedding Day?
Never before have you lived in an era where you can more perfectly break those fashion rules. Yet if you're going to break them, you need to make sure that you do it with grace. Wedding fashions are always going to evolve and nothing says that more than a wedding dress with a difference! Dita Von Teese is a classic alternative fashion example... when she purple corsetted it and Gwen Steffani also when she went and dip dyed it pink. Vera Wang and de la Renta have introduced a whole new fashion collection of non white dresses and in China, it's the height of fashion to get hitched in bright red. Who says you have to be a slave to fashion? Yet if you're going to break those rules, firstly, get it right, secondly, stand tall, loud and proud with it! So there's another question out there regarding wedding fashion that I'm sure you're all absolutely dying to know.

Why Do Brides Wear White?
Now there's a question! And you may be surprised to learn that it's probably a more recent fashion tradition than maybe you first realized. One rainy British Saturday in February, 1840, Queen Victoria and her Prince Charming (and cousin) Albert became betrothed in holy matrimony. Somewhat unusually, she chose to wear white to say “I do” instead of the royal fashion choice of silver. In that era, it was only the richer upper classes that would purchase a wedding dress for the day, and it would be blue or yellow. Normal folk would fashion their plain old Sunday best to their nuptuals. Queen Victoria's white dress signified the absolute ultimate in richesse and luxury and she was a true fashion setter. From that day forward the fashion of white wedding dresses became standard.