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Luv Bridal & Formal brings the quality and expertise of European design to Australian brides Opening its first store in Slacks Creek, Queensland, in 2009, Luv Bridal & Formal is known for offering stylish International gowns to Australia. With more than 40 years’ experience in the bridal industry, Luv Bridal brings a personal touch to all its gowns, covering all aspects of the process — from conception to creation. Created with the highest European standards in mind, all Luv Bridal designer gowns draw on traditional beauty, style and cutting-edge design and each gown is finished using the finest-quality fabrics, European laces, and exceptional hand beading. “For us, a wedding day should be one of the happiest days of every bride’s life; a treasured memory that always brings joy,” says area manager Liz Vincent. “At Luv Bridal, we genuinely ‘luv’ being a part of creating that happiness, and providing a bridal gown shopping event that is unforgettable.” “All brides are special at Luv Bridal & Formal, and our Bridal Consultants are trained to provide an individual, once-in-a-lifetime experience to help create your wedding vision. Our high standard of customer service is a vital ingredient of our reputation and one that we are renowned for in the bridal industry.” HEADING OUT OF TOWN? You can find a Luv Bridal store in the following locations: Parramatta, NSW Chatswood, NSW Brisbane, Qld Harbour Town, Qld Robina, Qld Perth, WA Melbourne, Vic

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Argyle Pink Diamonds Representing the highest concentration of wealth in the world, an Argyle pink diamond accounts for less than 0.01% of all diamonds produced in the Argyle Diamond Mine. Hand selected from the local Kimberly region, each premium gem is as rare as it is unique. With a dedicated team of award winning designers and jewellers, Linneys has the expertise to take these precious pink diamonds and create a masterpiece. Fancy Coloured Diamonds Unique, rare and truly desirable, coloured diamonds are highly sought by the diamond connoisseur. From shades of brilliant canary yellow to fancy hues of blue, Linneys selection of loose coloured diamonds and coloured diamond jewellery is truly exceptional. Our coloured diamond range include shades of yellow, black, champagne, green, blue and red. Bespoke Designs With over 40 years of fine jewellery experience, Linneys offers its clients the opportunity to work with our award winning designers and jewellers to create a bespoke design that is both personal and unique. Using your choice of the finest 18ct Australian white, yellow and rose gold, or the prestige of platinum, your piece will be expertly handcrafted at our Subiaco studio.

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Rembrandt combines the principles of classic tailoring with modern designs and technology to produce handsome custom-made suits Groom taller than 6ft? The team at Rembrandt won’t even bat an eyelid. In operation since 1946, they have a wealth of experience in making grooms of every style and size look dapper on their wedding day. Rembrandts custom-fit expertise extends not just to the groom, but also to bringing together a bridal party of different sizes. The company has a variety of slim, regular and classic fits, as well as a range of styles, fabrics and accessories to choose from. Whether you want a traditional tux or vintage-inspired pinstripe suit, Rembrandt will be able to meet your requirements. Rembrandt’s director, Elias Boumelhem, says the company’s motto is “Cut, cloth, character”. According to Elias, “We focus on making the groom look his best, which you could say is just as much for the bride as it is for the groom himself. Our strength is the fact that we fit all shapes and sizes. So when you have a bridal party of all different sizes, we are unmatched when it comes to fit, fabric choice and price.” Being the manufacturer as well as the retailer, Rembrandt can be more flexible, affordable and timely than a standard suit shop. For such quality and attentive service, the company’s prices are surprisingly low. Wool suits start from only $300 and shirts from $65. Rembrandt can help completely kit out the groom and groomsmen, not just with a beautiful suit but also with shirts, ties, shoes, cufflinks and even elegant pocket squares. If buying accessories is not top of the priority list, then you can take advantage of the company’s hire service. For those who don’t know where to start, Rembrandt has many examples of suits, fabrics and images of previous wedding parties to help make finding the perfect suit easy.

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Fashions and trends vary like the wind. “So next week” very quickly becomes “so last week” and everyone is constantly talking about it. Fashion is ever on the move, always evolving and wedding fashions are no different. A bride-to-be has to firmly have her eye on the ball and her finger on the fashion pulse to make sure she get's it right... she needs to have a few of her very own tricks up those fashionable sleeves of hers. The big day may be about sensational love and devotion, yet it's also about looking and feeling amazing! Yet fashion is not what it's all about to make you look and feel fabulous.

Fashions come and fashions go... it's style and elegance that remain. And moreover, it's your style and elegance that will be there on the day! And we are sure, here at that one of the most important things pertaining to your elegant wedding, fashionable (or not) as it may be, is that it will absolutely oozes sophistication and style! However, here's a fashion question that will have been asked a million times over.

Can You Break The Fashion Rules On Your Wedding Day?
Never before have you lived in an era where you can more perfectly break those fashion rules. Yet if you're going to break them, you need to make sure that you do it with grace. Wedding fashions are always going to evolve and nothing says that more than a wedding dress with a difference! Dita Von Teese is a classic alternative fashion example... when she purple corsetted it and Gwen Steffani also when she went and dip dyed it pink. Vera Wang and de la Renta have introduced a whole new fashion collection of non white dresses and in China, it's the height of fashion to get hitched in bright red. Who says you have to be a slave to fashion? Yet if you're going to break those rules, firstly, get it right, secondly, stand tall, loud and proud with it! So there's another question out there regarding wedding fashion that I'm sure you're all absolutely dying to know.

Why Do Brides Wear White?
Now there's a question! And you may be surprised to learn that it's probably a more recent fashion tradition than maybe you first realized. One rainy British Saturday in February, 1840, Queen Victoria and her Prince Charming (and cousin) Albert became betrothed in holy matrimony. Somewhat unusually, she chose to wear white to say “I do” instead of the royal fashion choice of silver. In that era, it was only the richer upper classes that would purchase a wedding dress for the day, and it would be blue or yellow. Normal folk would fashion their plain old Sunday best to their nuptuals. Queen Victoria's white dress signified the absolute ultimate in richesse and luxury and she was a true fashion setter. From that day forward the fashion of white wedding dresses became standard.