Kristie's Delicate Lace Veil

When Kristie came to see me, a wedding veil was only a possibility as she wasn't that keen. However, when Kristie saw the possibilities that were available to her she fell in love with a long romantic veil and a subtle lace trim that perfectly matched her gown. The results shown in these amazing photographs by Nadine Sacks Photography clearly show her delight. " was more amazing than I imagined!!.." Kristie.

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Choosing a timeless wedding veil

Amanda wanted something classic and beautiful to go with her stunning Karen Willis Holmes gown to create an elegant look. I designed the 'Eleganza Teardrop' veil to perfectly compliment the slimline silhouette of Amanda's style and beautiful gown. This veil has now become one of my top selling veils due to it's beautiful classic line, affordable price and exquisite softness and quality. These beautiful photographs are courtesy of Sarah Christensen Photography. "... it was every bit as I had hoped it would be!" Amanda x

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Include a floral design on you veil

Susan came to me with a beautiful lace gown and asked if there was some way a veil could be created to match it. I soon came to realise that this dress needed some delicate but unique embroidery which I created to echo the details on her gown. Consisting of tiny flowers and delicate leaves, individually hand stitched to her cathedral veil, the perfect compliment to her overall look. "...a Veil design that far surpassed anything I could have hoped for. I would without any hesitation recommend Arynvere Bride Veil Couture to every bride looking for a one of a kind, beautiful and detailed masterpiece of a veil!" Susan xx Photos courtesy of Kama Catch Me Photography.

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Accessories have always been the absolute ultimate that validates an outfit and bridal accessories are no different. Bridal accessories range from a pair of diamond drops through to a stylish headpiece. Bridal accessories are for all budgets and all brides and there's a multitude of stylish bridal accessories out there that are waiting to be worn with grace and joy. Wedding dress designs are becoming increasingly simplistic, which means that bridal accessories are making a huge comeback. Browsing through wedding stores and online for bridal accessories is the greatest of fun! You can spend endless amounts of time and money, if you've got it, on the ultimate bridal accessories that will elevate your sophistication to epic proportions!

But When Should I Be Buying My Ultimate Bridal Accessories?

The best advice that you can ever be given regarding when to buy your bridal accessories has to be after you've bought your dress. Yet that doesn't mean you can't think in advance about your bridal accessories... and if you know the style of bridal accessories that you're after, take a picture into the store whilst trying on gowns. Bridal accessories are beautiful and will finish your look to perfection! But what is it that takes it from great bridal accessories and elevates it to outstanding bridal accessories? Need ideas? 

Hot Bridal Accessories Trends For 2016

  • Unveil the classic veil and triumph on your perfect day with the very ultimate in bridal accessories. From a simple classic right through to a 50's “birdcage”, nothing will make you feel special and bang on trend like a veil! It's high up on the list as a wedding day revival, it's one of those bridal accessories requiring consideration.
  • Shrugs & capes : if you're worried about it being slight cooler on your magical day you'll be delighted to know that delicate shoulder wear is the name of the bridal accessories game for 2016. From fake fur to a beautiful tulle voile, it's the perfect way to get bridal accessories gaining that edge over winter and look a million dollars to boot.
  • A fabulous pair of statement shoes are always going to play high stakes in the bridal accessories hall of fame. From delightful, flower adorned slippers right through to those bright red kitten heels that are emblazoned with hearts, one thing is for sure, bridal accessories are no longer staid and boring.
  • Oozing elegance and a firm favourite in the world of bridal accessories, head pieces have definitely taken front stage and are beginning to replace classic tiaras. A headpiece offers grace and sophistication when it comes to thinking about bridal accessories and can be anything from a feminine and delicate floral arrangement to something that is embelished and adorned with crystals and style! Bridal accessories are fun to choose and nothing will make your outfit more beautiful and complete. It's bridal accessories that tick those final boxes and bring you closer to that fairytale dream day!