Flowing gown for a garden wedding

This couple travelled back to their hometown to have a gorgeous English garden wedding Couple: Joanne & Greg Location: The Norfolk Mead Hotel, United Kingdom Joanne and Grey met working at Naked Wines in the UK and were together five years before they made the move to Australia. In 2013, Greg told Joanne to keep April 25th free. As it was her birthday on the 27th, she thought it might have been an early birthday present. The couple drove up to Palm Beach where Greg revealed they were taking a flight on a sea plane. “We were to fly down the beaches, over Sydney Harbour and back again. On the way down, we flew over our house on Bungan Beach and, as we did, Greg got down on one knee, pulled out a massive diamond ring and asked me to marry him. I, of course, said ‘Yes’ and we celebrated with a bottle of sparkling while enjoying the rest of the flight,” says Joanne. As the couple were originally from England, their wedding reflected their roots as well as their new home town by combining a traditional English garden theme with touches of Australian beach inspiration. Joanne wore an elegant, slim-fit gown made of silk with lace detailing on the bodice and back, which was modest in front and low in the back. “I had my dress specially made at Ribbons Bridal & Couture in Newport by Rose Ribbons. I really enjoyed the experience, working out the design style and fabrics and seeing it coming together at each fitting, with the end result being my perfect dress,” says Joanne. The couple trekked back home to wed and their 95 guests celebrated at the newly transformed The Norfolk Mead Hotel with stunning grounds next to the Norfolk Broads. “Anna and James, the owners, were so lovely and had done such an amazing job on the hotel itself, so we were very confident they would do a great job on the venue as well. And they sure did!” says Joanne. “The reception was built in the walled garden with the walls exposed. It has glass all around it so even though you are inside, you still feel like you’re outside. The garden was beautiful and we were so lucky to have a hot sunny day to enjoy it.” Bride's advice: “Enjoy every part of it, from all the organising up to the day of the wedding. You will never do anything like it again and, once it’s over, you will miss it. Don’t forget what the day is about — not the flowers, not the cake, not even the dress (gasp)! It’s about the two of you celebrating how much you love each other, sharing this love and happiness with all your family and friends and looking forward to the happy future you are going to share together."

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These are just a few of the stunning women we have had the absolute priviledge to have dressed for their big day.

A Gown and Wedding with Personality

This intimate wedding held in the beautiful Hunter Valley region will be remembered for all the special touches NATALIE & DANIEL 27.07.13 ROBERTS CIRCA 1876 RESTAURANT, HUNTER VALLEY ELEMENT OF SURPRISE Daniel popped the question to Natalie on December 22, 2012. He called Natalie and in a distressed voice told her he’d gone for a run, rolled his ankle and was unable to walk. Natalie drove frantically to pick him up but as she walked over to help him, she noticed he was wearing thongs. “No wonder he rolled his ankle — who goes for a run in thongs?!” she thought to herself. Then Daniel began walking towards Natalie without limping. “I was confused,” says Natalie. “As he reached me, he looked over to the right, pointing to a picnic he had set up, where he then proposed to me.” THE LITTLE THINGS Shortly afterwards, Natalie found out she was pregnant and, although many of the wedding plans had already been made and everything had been booked, the big day was brought forward to accommodate bubs. Luckily, the couple were able to go ahead with their destination wedding set in the Hunter Valley and were able to reorganise everything. It’s the little things that make the difference and the extra effort they put into making all the decorations themselves to match their style and theme really added warmth to their special day. GETAWAY “I feel like we had a stroke of luck on our wedding day,” says Natalie. “The sun was shining, which took the chill out of the air on an otherwise cold winter’s day, and everything went off without a hitch. Maybe it was the happy vibe in the air, but it seemed like everyone fed off each other’s moods; the photographer, videographer, hairdresser, makeup artist and wedding singer went above and beyond what was expected of them, each one working their absolute hardest to make our day extra-special. We would not change a single thing.” BRIDE’S ADVICE “Make a decision and stick to it — don’t second-guess yourself. Pinterest is a lifesaver. Try to do and make anything you can by yourself. Finally, utilise the skills and expertise of friends where you can to help keep costs down so you can splurge in other areas.” CONTACTS BRIDE’S GOWN Lobelia Couture BRIDE’S SHOES Tony Bianco GROOMSMEN’S SUITS Oxford PHOTOGRAPHY Hilary Cam VIDEOGRAPHY Light Noise Films MAKEUP The White House Productions JEWELLERY Samantha Wills CAKE Lush Cakes by Lisa FLOWERS Valley Fresh Flowers ENTERTAINMENT Luke Marlin HONEYMOON Kauai, Hawaii

Fashions and trends vary like the wind. “So next week” very quickly becomes “so last week” and everyone is constantly talking about it. Fashion is ever on the move, always evolving and wedding fashions are no different. A bride-to-be has to firmly have her eye on the ball and her finger on the fashion pulse to make sure she get's it right... she needs to have a few of her very own tricks up those fashionable sleeves of hers. The big day may be about sensational love and devotion, yet it's also about looking and feeling amazing! Yet fashion is not what it's all about to make you look and feel fabulous.

Fashions come and fashions go... it's style and elegance that remain. And moreover, it's your style and elegance that will be there on the day! And we are sure, here at bridescollective.com that one of the most important things pertaining to your elegant wedding, fashionable (or not) as it may be, is that it will absolutely oozes sophistication and style! However, here's a fashion question that will have been asked a million times over.

Can You Break The Fashion Rules On Your Wedding Day?
Never before have you lived in an era where you can more perfectly break those fashion rules. Yet if you're going to break them, you need to make sure that you do it with grace. Wedding fashions are always going to evolve and nothing says that more than a wedding dress with a difference! Dita Von Teese is a classic alternative fashion example... when she purple corsetted it and Gwen Steffani also when she went and dip dyed it pink. Vera Wang and de la Renta have introduced a whole new fashion collection of non white dresses and in China, it's the height of fashion to get hitched in bright red. Who says you have to be a slave to fashion? Yet if you're going to break those rules, firstly, get it right, secondly, stand tall, loud and proud with it! So there's another question out there regarding wedding fashion that I'm sure you're all absolutely dying to know.

Why Do Brides Wear White?
Now there's a question! And you may be surprised to learn that it's probably a more recent fashion tradition than maybe you first realized. One rainy British Saturday in February, 1840, Queen Victoria and her Prince Charming (and cousin) Albert became betrothed in holy matrimony. Somewhat unusually, she chose to wear white to say “I do” instead of the royal fashion choice of silver. In that era, it was only the richer upper classes that would purchase a wedding dress for the day, and it would be blue or yellow. Normal folk would fashion their plain old Sunday best to their nuptuals. Queen Victoria's white dress signified the absolute ultimate in richesse and luxury and she was a true fashion setter. From that day forward the fashion of white wedding dresses became standard.