4 Dramatic Makeup Looks

Some of the Hunter Valleys best wedding supplier's came together at the gorgeous Leogate Estate Winery in Pokolbin to create Winter themed Wedding Magic. The results were nothing short of stunning and I was extraordinarily proud to be the major coordinator of this beautiful project as well as Makeup Artist on the day. Photography: Candice Campbell Photography Venue: Leogate Estate Wines Couture Bridal Wear: Gracelynn Couture Makeup: Stacey Hipwell Makeup Artist Hair: Katrina's Creations Wedding Cakes: Michelle the Cake Chef Florist: Wow Flowers Jewellery: Exquisite Jewels for Hire Dessert Bar: Wild Rose Sweets and Styling Models: Vivienne Barclay, Tanika Riordan, Caitlyn Ryan and Caitlin Hipwell

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Beauty Secrets For Brides

Makeup artist and hair stylist June-Rose reveals her tips for uncovering your most beautiful “you” on your wedding day June-Rose has worked with brides for more than 20 years, so she knows a thing or two about what characterises really stunning bridal makeup. Interestingly, it’s what’s underneath that counts the most. “The most important step is to set the base,” she says. “That’s the canvas. If you get the base right, the makeup will retain its radiance throughout the day.” Her next top tip is to keep it light. With high-definition photography and videography showing up every detail, heavy makeup is no longer desirable. “Ninety-nine per cent of brides come to me because they want that natural look,” says June-Rose. The makeup and hair stylist will approach every bride with the aim of bringing out her best features and tailoring colour, contouring and coverage to her individual skin type, personality and desires. While June-Rose’s trials take place in Sydney, she often travels to locations in the Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands, or the South Coast for weddings of Sydney-based clients. “Brides marrying outside the Sydney area often worry about sourcing the ideal hair stylist and makeup artist," says June-Rose, “but with me, they’re receiving top professional, high quality work from a person who specialises totally in wedding makeup and hair.” Her combined hair and makeup offering means brides can receive two services at once, cutting down on travel costs for separate stylists. There’s also another advantage: “This way they get to know one person, and have equal confidence in the hair and makeup,” says June-Rose. JUNE-ROSE’S TOP TIPS FOR… Hair Colour highlights add texture as well as definition to the style for both brunettes and blondes. Adding jewels and flowers to the hair can also bring attention to the design. Don’t wear your hair down on a hot, humid, or windy day. It’s hard to control hair if it’s windy. You can apply all the product you want but you’re going to lose a bit of the style. Make-up Underdo it rather than overdo it because you can always add more. Powder If you’ve got lines around the eyes, don’t overdo the powder. Eyes The aim is to accentuate the colour of the eye; you don’t want the eye makeup colouring to be the thing people look at. Primers Primers can make a big difference. If you’re using a primer with oily skin, it seals the pores and gives that lovely even look. Lips Lip gloss does not look as good as lipstick in photographs. Eyelashes Brides love a delicate, natural eyelash. I use individual lashes, which define the eye while still looking natural. Makeup Artists Be advised by a professional; they’re not only looking at your face on the day, they’re there to advise what will look good in a photograph.

Non-surgical Treatments for Glowing Skin

Look fresh and beautiful on your big day As a bride, you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day. There is no doubt that in preparation for your wedding, you would have spent countless hours flipping the pages of magazines and scouring boutiques planning the perfect dress, shoes, hair and makeup to ensure that you look fresh and beautiful on your special day. Dr Sean Arendse, cosmetic physician at Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic in Toorak, has seen a rise in bridal clients in recent years. About 35 per cent of the clinic’s clients are now brides-to-be, showing that brides are turning their attention to maintaining healthy, youthful skin before the main event. New developments in non-surgical cosmetic procedures allow brides to freshen their complexion, not just for the big day, but for the long-term as well; eliminating the need for the heavy makeup, which was traditionally used to cover up skin pigmentation and imperfections. At Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic, there are a number of treatment modalities that are individually tailored to each client in order to highlight their best features. Specialising in treatments that address problems with skin texture and colour, Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic use cosmetic treatments such as peels, microdermabrasion, Dermapen, Fraxel and injectables. These treatments can deal with wrinkles and volume loss to give the modern bride a complete facial revitalisation, thus allowing her to wear less makeup and look naturally beautiful on the big day. “Most women are concerned about ‘looking natural’; they want to look as though they didn’t have anything done,” says Dr Arendse. “The media is filled with images of celebrities who have gone too far and have had too many and too aggressive cosmetic procedures done, which destroys the natural aesthetic and architecture of their face. Brides will often come to us and say ‘I don’t want to look like so-and-so’. “Our procedures look natural and strive to give you youthful and radiant skin that lasts not just for one day, but for the rest of your life,” Dr Arendse adds. The process starts with an extensive consultation, looking at skin colour, texture, volume and wrinkles before they explore all of the possible treatment options, their advantages and costs. The team at Flawless Rejuvenation Skin Clinic address common concerns such as down-time and possible side-effects post treatment, making sure that every client is well-informed. “Our people are handpicked to marry with the Flawless ethos,” says Dr Ardense. “They are professional, knowledgeable and discreet, and the clinic environment is serene, inviting and spotless.” Dr Arendse and his team are committed to ensuring that the Flawless result is both obvious yet invisible; everyone will notice, but no one will know.

We're so lucky to live in the 21st Century. We've been blessed with so much freedom and so many choices... and wedding makeup is in this category! We have so many options available to us, all we now need to do is make a decision on the right style of wedding makeup for our big day. Yet there is more to this than just a simple case of choosing eyeshadow and lippie colours ladies. Wedding makeup needs to have a little forethought, wedding makeup is just adorable and wedding makeup needs to stay fairly well fixed for a fairly long time. In theory, wedding makeup should be quite high up on the wedding preparation list. But what are those do's and don'ts of the perfect wedding makeup? Read on to find out.

Wedding Makeup: The I DO!

Think White – Think Colour
Your dress is going to be any varying shade of white or ivory and your wedding makeup needs to bear that in mind. Depending on your skin tone, wedding makeup needs to compensate with enough colour to brighten up yourself and your dress. If it's professional wedding makeup or DIY wedding makeup, DO wear a white or ivory t-shirt when you test run!

Everlasting Wedding Makeup
If you are doing it yourself, DO invest in some great products, some wedding makeup that will stay there for prolonged periods. DO speak to the shop assistant about wedding makeup, take their advice... and finally, DO have waterproof mascara firmy ensconced in your wedding makeup box! Wedding Makeup To Impress DO work with what you've got! If you have fabulous eyes, make sure your wedding makeup accentuates this, if you've got great cheekbones, highlight them. Let your wedding makeup work wonders for you on your sensational day!

Wedding Makeup : The I DON'T!

Wedding Makeup Trial And Error
First off the starting block with wedding makeup don'ts has to be, DON'T be tempted to even think about walking down the aisle without doing a test run beforehand. Even if you're a pro (or think you're a pro), wedding makeup takes practice and you've got to get it perfect and error free.

Wedding Makeup Temptation
It's great to make an appointment with a professional. They understand makeup, however, more importantly they understand wedding makeup. Take along your images with your ideas... however, DON'T be tempted to try something that's too outlandish and new! It may deem you uncomfortable for the day ahead! Wedding Makeup And Tanning DON'T turn up to your wedding makeup artist on the big day with a fake tan that you've piled on the evening beforehand. She'll hate you for it! Spray tans are not for the day before the nuptuals! In essence, if you follow a few sensible steps and don't go wildly overboard, your wedding makeup will look sublime.

Wedding makeup is always so important, it's stunningly beautiful and will make you feel a million dollars if you get it right!