Pre-Wedding Health Spa Rejuvenation

Set in the heavenly heart of spa country, Endota Day Spa Daylesford offers an all-Australian treatment. This menu featuring organic ingredients and crystalline water from the mineral springs of Daylesford and Hepburn Springs. Rejuvenate before the big day with Endota! Whether you want a relaxing weekend for your hen’s party, are treating yourself to a down-to-earth soothing treatment before the big day or are simply looking for a romantic getaway as newlyweds, endota day spa Daylesford has it all. There are seven spa rooms to spoil yourself in, with skin-sational facials, blissful body massages, waxing, organic spray tanning and mani-pedi packages. Each endota spa therapist is skilled at working wedding-related stress knots out of your neck. Soothe your worries away with one of endota’s perfectly designed treatment packages or simply slip in for a facial, massage, waxing, organic spray tan or mani-pedi. Choose between one of the oldest and most powerful forms of healing: the Hawaiian Lomilomi and the rejuvenating hot-stone massage. Treat Yourself There’s something for everyone at endota day spa Daylesford. Try the treatment called Splash Out, the ultimate all-day spa treatment; or Well Balanced, the treatment to make your skin beam and give you a positive outlook on life. There are even two treatment packages designed especially for guys: Face for Blokes and Blokes got Back will have him gleaming before the big day. Spa packages for couples and groups are also available. Everyone deserves to get spoilt once in a while, so alleviate the stress caused by planning your nuptials and melt away your worries at endota day spa Daylesford.

Straighten Your Teeth With Invisalign

A gorgeous smile is the best accessory! Want to dazzle with beautiful pearly whites on your special day? Husband and wife orthodontists, Dr Igor Lavrin and Dr Sarah Lawrence are committed to providing a caring, personalised and professional service for all brides and grooms to be. Lavrin and Lawrence Orthodontics is a “Diamond Provider” of Invisalign due to their experience. Having been in the business for over 15 years, their goal is to “provide high quality orthodontics, achieving healthy, beautiful smiles and an all round great experience”. The couple have been involved in the bridal market for many years, creating beautiful smiles for those timeless photographs and are excited to provide patients with the confidence to smile uninhibited on their wedding day. At Lavrin and Lawrence Orthodontics, treatments are tailored to your lifestyle. A free assessment is provided with their Invisalign Treatment Coordinator, where your specific situation will be assessed, possible treatment options discussed, and costs and payment plans explained. Getting that perfect smile is easy! A referral for two X-Rays is provided once your initial appointment is scheduled. From here your orthodontist will determine how complex your correction is or whether you require only minor improvements. Offering accelerated Invisalign treatment options for those who wish to complete their treatment before their big day, Lavrin and Lawrence Orthodontics can work with you from your engagement right through to your wedding day, so you can smile confidently on your big day. Based at two convenient locations, Melbourne and Templestowe, these leaders in orthodontics have treated over 1000 patients and offer traditional, gold, ceramic (clear) and lingual (behind the teeth) braces. Remember, you haven’t left it too late! Even if the wedding is a short time away, starting now will at least improve your smile in time. We offer flexible treatment plans that allow you to continue your orthodontic treatment during and after the wedding date if needed with no visible appliances on the day! Small changes can make a big difference and there is no age limit for straight teeth and the perfect smile.

Health and fitness is always fabulous, yet it's probably a little more daunting to some of you that will want to look your very finest on that wedding day of your dreams. So come on guys and girls, why not give wedding health and fitness a try? It's not as difficult as you think and you could probably try it out together, you never know, your wedding health and fitness plan may just become your new lifestyle change that you were aiming for! Why not begin with a gentle health and fitness challenge to give yourself that sleek wedding look that you're vying for (not that we don't think you're already gorgeous just the way you are). You can achieve this wedding health and fitness challenge in one of two ways.

The first is to enrol yourself into a health clinic and gym and be faithful to them or alternatively you can follow the Brides Collective wedding health and fitness plan that's been designed for wonderful people like you!

Wedding Health & Fitness Plan Essential Items:

  • Health & fitness running shoes
  • Health & fitness running clothing

To begin the wedding health and fitness plan you should spend your first month just building up a gentle exercise regime. Start with 20 minutes of low impact exercises every three days to ease yourself in gently.

Low Impact Health and Fitness Exercises

  • Jogging
  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga

Low impact health and fitness exercises are great for being all rounders, they tone you up evenly and will make you feel great in the processs. Be patient and be dedicated to this health and fitness plan and at the end of the first month you'll already begin to feel better and have more energy.

Now you can increase your routine to include some additional higher impact health and fitness benefits. These will tone up those problem areas to make you into someone that looks like they live with health and fitness in their lives.

Higher Impact Health And Fitness Exercises

  • 10 Stomach Crunches
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 10 Bicep Tricep Curls

Include these health and fitness exercises into your plan and add one of them to the end of your 20 minute low impact health and fitness exercise for the first two weeks. At the end of 6 weeks you should be starting to see a difference to your figure. This is the moment that you can increase your low impact exercise to an extra ten minutes each workout and add a second higher impact health and fitness exercise into the regime!

Now that you're well on your way to your gorgeous health and fitness wedding look, always remember to compliment it with some good eating habits. Try some small steps to begin with, replace those sugary snacks with some nuts and grains. Ditch the sugar and replace it with honey or agave syrup and try to remain booze free and limit caffeine intake.