Vintage Dress that Delights

This stunning relaxed matrimony between two childhood sweethearts was a garden party with a twist. Couple: Rodd & Jessica Location: Mayfield Vineyard, Orange Rodd and Jessica met through a mutual friend when they were teenagers, but soon after Jessica left for university. The couple decided to give things a go and Rodd packed up his life in Sydney and enrolled in Jessica’s university to be closer to her. Ten years later, Rodd surprised Jessica with a proposal on a romantic weekend away in the countryside. Rodd’s sister married Rodd and Jessica under a big old tree in a sprawling garden. While the bridal party had photos taken, guests played croquet while drinking Pimm’s and whisky sours. After watching the sunset over the vines, guests were called together for the only formal part of the evening: the speeches. With that said and done, everyone settled into the party inside a beautifully renovated old school house. Rather than have a sit-down menu, guests were treated to delicious fork food. After a quick outfit change into a shorter skirt, Rodd and Jessica had their first dance to “Time of my life” from Dirty Dancing. Bride's Advice: “Try to get your dress organised early as this is something you don’t want to rush. If you want something original then get it made. I was lucky enough to find a great designer and dressmaker who worked with me and helped me design my own outfit, and who made it a fun experience. Keep it about you and what you and your fiancé want. Don’t try to please other people as this will only make it stressful. Don’t try to make it too perfect either; lighten up and have fun as this makes for many happy memories!”

Not everyone is just that much of a tradition freak! Sometimes, the only thing that's going to cut it is going to be an all out fabulous and sensational retro wedding day! So what on are you waiting for, book the pinball machine, hire the movie theatre, serve up the soda and retro wedding your way to married life in seven easy steps : The Seven Step Guide To Retro Wedding Heaven 1. Start browsing through those second hand shops and looking at designs and for courturiers... also remember, nothing is more retro wedding than a good dose of lace and Hollywood inspired glamour. 2. A stunning addition of heirloom jewellery into your bouquet is seriously retro wedding and will look awesome to boot! 3. Retro wedding cars are a great way to give inspiration to your retro wedding day. Think great gatsby and old American movies and you're nearly there! 4. Serve soda bottles on your retro wedding table along with some retro wedding popcorn to snack on and if you're really going to go for gold, get in a retro wedding icecream truck! 5. Get yourself a uber fantastic retro wedding cake! Be bold and be spectacular – have stripes in it, be black and white with it, think patterns, think colour and you'll retro wedding it all the way to your retro wedding honeymoon! 6. Juke box and a DJ with an enviable collection of vinyl that's no newer than 1977! No retro wedding will be complete without it! 7. … and nothing's going to ooze retro wedding more than something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... and don't forget to put a sixpence in your shoe! However, they stopped making sixpences in 1970 so good luck with finding one!