The mother of the bride will be undoubtedly excited, it may well be a big day for you and your husband to be, but it's also huge to the mother of the bride! The mother of the bride will have invariably been eyeing up what to wear, what not to wear and she'll probably have been on the telephone nonstop since you announced your engagement. Yet what is mother of the bride protocol, or just mom protocol... who buys what when, where does the mother of the bride come into procedures? Read on to find out some advice concerning the mother of the bride! MOTHER OF THE BRIDE ETIQUETTE Who Buys Their Dress First, The Mother Of The Bride Or The Grooms Mother? Tradition has it that the mother of the bride is the first to purchase that gorgeous wedding outfit and the grooms mother is then gently guided by her choice and blends in accordingly... however, it doesn't always pan out like this. These days the mother of the bride and the groom’s mother may liaise yet it's not vitally important. Colour... Should The Mother Of The Bride Match The Bridesmaids? In the evolving world that we live in, it may be an idea to inform the mother of the bride the colour of the bridesmaids’ dresses, yet it's not vital. As long as there's no obvious colour clashing then it will all be fine. Are There Any Colours Or Styles To Avoid For The Mother Of The Bride? As long as shades of white are avoided, i.e. champagne, cream, white, off-white, as it's a little too close to comfort to the bride, any colour is acceptable. Regarding mother of the bride styles, don't try to outdo the bride by turning up in a strapless sequin dress and it should all go according to plan.