There’s no standard shot when it comes to capturing your ‘love story’ on your magic day to any action shot you need! Snow, bush, air or sea! The diversity in ‘Allshots’ will assure you of a lifetime memory, from the day, and to keep forever. Along with Dave’s it’s been a journey for Dave discovering the world, traveling with friends and also alone to Canada for 3 months, twice. Visited USA on four occasions, including Utah, California, Las Vegas, Chicago, Detroit, Route 66, a 3000 klm drive in a 64 Impala Coupe. Dave has discovered all of the West Coast, San Francisco, Yosemite National Park, Mexico City, Japan on six occasions, China and Russia, Thailand and Bali! The Philippines to Turkey, Greece and the Galapagos Island. Dave has also been a regular visitor to New Zealand for the past 20 years with his snowboard.


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