From an early age Alana Aoun crafted garments for her sisters from remnant silk her mother used to buy from the local flea markets. It wasn’t long before this determined little eight year old girl decided that she would, one day, be a great designer. Later on, Alana found herself in Paris studying fashion. Whilst studying the French methods of ‘moulage’, tambour beading, and embroidery Alana worked hard and it paid off as she found herself working in some of Paris’ leading couture houses. It’s here, working alongside some of the best in couture, she learned the intricacies of haute couture and corsetry. She knew she would one day have her own haute couture label. Fifteen years ago, Alana moved to Australia and has since called Sydney home. She furthered her studies here in Sydney completing diplomas in costume fashion, millinery, and Jewellery design. Alana has brought to the women of Australia, her traditional needlecraft, the finest French silks, delicate laces, and high quality crystals and gems from around the world. Her gowns have graced the catwalks of Paris and adorned Sydney’s most beautiful brides. It is this success that leaves Alana wanting more. The skill of a Haute Couturier lies in the ability to take a concept of colour and form and expand it to the highest level of fashion possibilities. A gown of haute couture status is the result of a cautious process of planning, refinement and construction. The process can easily involve hundreds of hours of hand crafting and fitting before the carefully crafted silhouette is complete. Alana, couturier, has a trademark style of opulence and lavish embellishment. “I challenge myself as a designer to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship beyond what is expected to create a unique vision of beauty.” It is the creation process itself, along with her unforgiving attention to the minute complexities of each design which ensure only gowns of the highest standard have her name on it.


1 Barton Ave, Hurlstone Park, New South Wales, Australia


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