Why You Should Detox Before The Wedding.

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Now is more important than ever to look after yourself from the inside out.

It’s countdown time. There are only 14 days to go until the “I dos” and the stress is getting a little too hard to handle. Fatigue strikes from those late-night seating chart changes, the beautiful dress feels tight from that emergency Maccas run due to hungry desperation, and a pimple has appeared from sheer exhaustion. If this sounds all too familiar, let naturopath to the stars and author of Aussie Body Diet & Detox Plan, Saimaa Miller, bring back your bridal glow with her 14-day pre-wedding detox plan.

Why detox?

Many common ailments, including colds, viruses, allergies, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, depression, fatigue and, of course, those stubborn extra kilos, are a direct result of toxin buildup in our bodies. “We are more aware than ever that we accumulate toxins in our systems through an overly acidic diet, a chemical-filled environment, the different types of pollution that we are exposed to, and as a direct result of stress, and negative thoughts and emotions,” says Saimaa.

Our bodies have an amazing in-built detoxification mechanism working for us, but this gets over-loaded and does not function as well as it can and should. The body then shows us signs of being bombarded with toxins through a wide array of symptoms — anything from skin conditions to lack of energy, from digestive problems to an inability to lose weight, from moodiness and irritability to outright depression. 

“An enabled detoxification to the body is much like taking your car in for a yearly service — you need to do it if you want your car to function at its optimum capacity. We need to give our bodies the opportunity to heal so we can work to our optimum levels in every area of our lives,” says Saimaa.

Detoxification programs are designed to get your natural detoxification system working at its optimum level again while we continue our busy lifestyle. The benefits of detoxing include weight loss (if needed), an abundance of energy, clarity of mind, positive mood and a spring in your step — just what a bride needs on her special day.


While the detox will ultimately make you feel energised and fresh, it is common to experience some adverse reactions while on the detox, says Saimaa. This is due to toxins being released into the bloodstream and circulating through the body. It is normal to experience fatigue, aches and pains, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, nausea, fatigue, and feeling sensitive, teary or irritable. These symptoms usually subside after the first
few days and will be replaced with increased energy, a sense of lightness
and mental clarity.

A detox can also help with weight loss by flushing out the build-up of toxins stored in our fat cells. Our bodies store toxins in our fat cells in order to protect our organs from damage. By detoxing and removing these harmful toxins, it is common for people to lose a small amount of weight while on a detox program.


“Once you have completed a detox, you should feel lighter, brighter, and full of energy with clarity of mind. You may have lost a few kilos, noticed your skin has become clearer and more radiant, and come out of your detox with a positive and joyful attitude,” says Saimaa.
If you experienced any adverse symptoms during the detox, there is no reason why your symptoms should return on completion of your detox, as long as you don’t abuse your body afterwards.

If you maintain a positive attitude and continue with a balanced and healthy lifestyle, you should remain relatively symptom-free. A maintenance diet should include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein and healthy fats. You’re encouraged to allow yourself one “free” day per week to enjoy some of the foods you love, without over-indulging and ruining all the hard work you have put into your detox.

General detox guidelines

  • Consume at least two to three litres of water daily. Drink mostly in the morning upon rising and between meals; sip during meals.
  • Eat every three to four hours daily. This will stabilise blood sugar levels,
    increase basal metabolic rate, eliminate hunger and minimise cravings.
  • Exercise daily for an hour each day (at least five times per week).
  • Vary the type of activity, its intensity and duration. Include cardio as
    well as conditioning. This is important to release daily tension, improve
    circulation, increase metabolism and for the feel-good factor!
  • Avoid carbohydrates such as bread, potatoes and pasta for evening
    meals. Instead, fill yourself up with a medium-size portion of fish, chicken,
    meat and lots of salad or vegies.


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