What Your Diamond Style Says About Your Personality

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The shape of the diamond you choose says a lot about your character. If you are choosing your own diamond and have a particular shape in mind, read on for a little insight into your personality.


This is the most popular diamond cut and it reflects the most light. Women who prefer this style tend to be trustworthy and easygoing, while also leaning toward the traditional. The circular shape of the diamond, like the wedding band, represents love without end.


Oval diamonds tend to be selected by girls with creativity and individuality. An oval cut shows femininity and that you enjoy the sparkle of a round cut but require something a little more unique. Women who prefer this shape are generally traditional, but they also have a quirky side.


This unique shape — square with angular corners — represents a desire for drama and vintage flare. The woman who chooses this shape is likely to be meticulous and have a royal style to her — Joseph Asscher first designed this cut for King Edward VII.



The extra faceting around the rim makes the princess cut demand attention. Similarly, the woman who wears it likes to stand in the spotlight and be a leader. Like the ring, she has an exciting and sparkly nature.


An unusual diamond shape, the radiant cut is seen as trendy and flirtatious. It gives off a similar amount of glittering light as the princess cut, and the women who choose this shape usually have an open personality and a wide circle of friends.


Similar to the Asscher in many aspects, the emerald cut is another glamorous choice. It has fewer facets than other shapes, making it appealing to women who are efficient and straightforward. It may be a slightly oldfashioned style of ring, but those who opt for it hold themselves with a certain sense of elegance and confidence.


The cushion cut dates all the way back to the 18th century and is still a very popular choice. The curved, rectangular sides give it a vintage yet modern look, and it suits women who like a challenge and have a strong sense of who they are.


The pear cut resembles a teardrop and represents a sensual woman who is less conventional than the norm. Its unique shape catches the light like a round-cut diamond but with an air of individualism.


This stunning shape glitters magnificently in the light, and it is designed to make the diamond look bigger than it actually is. This gives it a sense of extravagance and the women who wear it definitely don’t believe less is more — think flashy and sophisticated.


By far the most romantic option, this shape symbolises love and devotion. If proportioned correctly, this diamond cut can give off an incredible amount of sparkle. Women who are sentimental and head over heels in love most often prefer the heart.


Words: Maia Coghlan
Images: Larsen Jewellery, 9662 3005

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