The Difference Between Casual And Formal Wedding Styling

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Two brides share how they styled their special day

Elegant and sophisticated
Sarah and Daniel

Q. Briefly describe your wedding style.
A. Our wedding style was classy, sophisticated and formal.

Q. How did you decide your wedding style?
A. I (Sarah) decided on my wedding style after selecting the venue. Knowing it was going to be quite cold, being winter in Melbourne, I wanted something elegant that would complement the venue.

Q. What styling did you do yourself and what did others do (friends, family, paid staff)?
A. I (Sarah) did most of the styling myself. I resourced a lot of ideas from magazines and other weddings that I had attended.

Q. Do you think the styling of your wedding was successful?
A. We were extremely happy with the styling I wouldn’t change anything as everything came together better than I had imagined.

Q. What advice would you give to a bride who wants to style her own wedding?
A. I would say don’t give yourself too much choice. Go with your gut feeling and if it feels right, then go with it — don’t keep looking or thinking there could be something better out there as you will just end up going back to your fi rst choice! Also, enjoy the planning and preparation and make sure you plan your wedding with everything you want it to be, not for anyone else. After all, it is your and your partner’s big day to treasure forever.


Orange & ivory
Caroline and Ben

Q. Briefly describe your wedding style.
A. We’d like to think it was simple and relaxed, yet elegant and well put together. We settled on orange and ivory, but weren’t too strict on this — it was important that we didn’t clash with the beautiful venue and view so we were quite restrained. We believe it was a combination of the relaxed intention and simple look which contributed to the overall style of the wedding.

Q. How did you decide your wedding style?
A. There wasn’t a particular style we wanted to replicate — it was more a case of identifying how we would like each element to look and then working with suppliers to achieve this, all the while making sure that the separate elements complemented each other. We weren’t interested in making it a DIY wedding so really just chose the simplest route in terms of the little things.

Q. What styling did you do yourself and what did others do (friends, family, paid staff)?
A. We didn’t have too many bits and pieces so there wasn’t much physical styling to organise. From a DIY perspective, all we did was tie thank-you tags onto the bomboniere and popped printed numbers in IKEA frames for the table numbers.

Q. What advice would you give to a bride who wants to style her own wedding?
A. Try not to be too set in your ways in terms of adhering to a specifi c, defi ned style; be prepared to look at alternatives. Be sympathetic to the wedding environment (i.e. the venue) in which you’re working and try to enhance, rather than hide, its features. Make a checklist and keep working on it, giving yourself plenty of time to get things done (and fi nd solutions if things fall through). Go with the flow on the day — there will be some things that won’t work the way you thought they would, so it’s important to manage your expectations.




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