Pros And Cons Of A Weekday Wedding

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We discover the pros and cons of a mid-week wedding rather than the traditional Saturday or Sunday.

A weekday wedding is becoming more and more common, with many couples choosing to head off on their honeymoon before the week is over. There are defi nite benefi ts to this — like being able to invite a small number of guests, better availability of suppliers and the possibility of better parking — but is it cost-effective and are there any challenges to take into consideration?

Rachel Bentick from Inlighten Photography says, “The main issue for a weekday wedding is timing — making it as easy as possible for your guests to attend and ensuring your suppliers can get to where they need to be at the right time. One big hurdle for a mid-week wedding is traffic. As receptions usually start at 6pm, the bride and groom, as well as their guests, will often be fighting peak-hour traffic to get to the reception venue on time.”




Finding the perfect photographer can be a struggle, but is this problem greater when booking a weekday wedding? According to Rachel, “It is often easier to book the supplier that you specifi cally want on a weekday, especially if you have a short lead time.” However, Wayne Robertson from Weddings by Wayne says it all depends on what other jobs the photographer may have. “If the photographer is a full-time wedding photographer, then I would expect it would be easier to fi nd someone for mid-week weddings. If the photographer holds a mid-week job, however, this could prove more difficult.”

When asked about the difference in cost, Wayne says he can’t speak for all photographers but the difference for him is minimal to none. “Personally I do not have a difference with mid-week booking prices because the service I provide is exactly the same, whether it’s on a weekend or during the week. My dedication does not change, nor do my concerns about the wedding day. A full-time wedding photographer is usually busy during the week with editing, packaging and the general running of their business. “If a photographer is covering 100 weddings per year you could expect a delay with regard to the completion of your images if a mid-week wedding were to be squeezed in. With companies that employ several photographers and have an editing staff, you may see your images a little sooner.”


Photography tips for planning your big day

So what should couples consider when it comes to booking a photographer? Wayne says: “I believe that generally the biggest challenges are fi nding someone who can photograph the event and won’t get in the way; who lets the day unfold naturally; a creative photographer who can put a little bit of imagination into the shoot itself; someone who is easy to relate and talk to; and someone with experience, lots of experience. A good photographer is a busy one so book in early. A referred photographer is referred for a reason.”

Rachel says most couples book their photography about a year in advance and suggests that when booking, “If you want to get married within the next six months you may need to book a weekday to get the photographer and the venue that you specifically want. Each photographer at Inlighten is only able to do one wedding per day so if you want a specifi c photographer, it is definitely easier [for us] on a weekday.”

All photographers do things a little differently so Wayne says it’s important to compare pricing. “Be careful of extravagant prices. If it sounds expensive it probably is. A wedding photographer will spend about 25 to 30 hours per full wedding coverage with appointments, wedding-day coverage, pre-wedding photography shoots, editing and packaging. More time may be spent if album designing is involved, but ask yourself, how much is 30 hours work worth?” 

Rachel says that instead of discounted pricing, they provide extra items to keep as mementos of the day. “What we will sometimes do is include some extra free items to give you even better value, such as framed enlargements for your wall, so that you can enjoy your wedding photos all the time.”


Choosing flowers for your bouquet can be difficult, but do you need to provide this information to your florist earlier for a mid-week wedding? Diana Berner, a fl orist in Glenorie, NSW, says it shouldn’t matter which day you get married. “In my opinion it should be the same for any day,” she says. “I don’t charge different rates either ... it should be the same rates for any day you get married. There may be some florists who charge more for Sunday delivery, but it’s up to how much their courier charges. Because of extra care in handling wedding flowers, it generally costs more for delivery.”

Diana says customers should always consider the time involved, the distance, toll charges and maybe parking fees when charging for wedding flower deliveries, especially if the florist may need to ask someone else to deliver on their behalf.

Diana’s tips for booking a florist

“It is always helpful if you know the flower and colour scheme you want before you visit your florist,” advises Diana. “Be flexible with the availability of flowers. For unforseen reasons, sometimes a florist’s supplier cannot meet their order the week of the wedding, even though the flower is in season. It could be due to an unusual cold snap in the weather, a hail storm, or a pest or disease that has wiped out or badly damaged the grower’s crop. If the flowers are imported there could be delays in quarantine or other mix-ups and delays in getting the flowers.”


Photographers and florists may not charge differently for weekday and weekend weddings, but what about venues?

Kate O’Riordan, from Deckhouse, says some venues may have mid-week specials. “People have weekday weddings because of factors such as price sensitivity and availability,” she says. “Vendors are generally cheaper during the week and some venues may have mid-week specials. There is more availability with dates if the couple is after a particular month for their wedding, especially during peak times such as spring.” Although venues may have special prices for mid-week weddings, they will still tailor the wedding to the couple. “All weddings are tailored to each couple and the pricing is determined with an event manager based on requirements and requests,” says Kate. She also mentions that no matter when couples want to get married, the preparation is the same. “If it is a short lead time, couples may need to ensure their invitations are sent out earlier so guests can block the date,” says Kate. Kate’s tip for booking a venue

“Ensure you allow your guests sufficient time to block the date,” advises Kate. “Also bear in mind that if guests are travelling from the ceremony to the reception, you must take peak-hour traffic into consideration.”


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