Wedding Transport For Every Type Of Bride

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As with every other aspect of your wedding, your getaway vehicle should complement and match your sense of style and personality. Considerations including cost, distance to travel and number of people should help fine-tune your selection.

The traditional bride

Keywords: classic, conservative, formal, elegant

Her perfect ride: a vintage Jaguar, Daimler, Bentley or Rolls-Royce

Experts say: according to the experts at Classic Bridal Cars Sydney, "the current trend for choosing bridal cars ia a lot like choosing dresses: opt for a good-looking main car for the bride and groom that is exclusive for them, then have cars that complement but don't overshadow for the bridal party."

Facts to consider: hiring a classic can cost upwards of $200 per hour, so if you're on a tight budget this may not be the one for you. In addition, these cars are the most common for weddings.

Where can I find one? 7th Heaven Wedding Cars, Classic Bridal Cars and Elite Wedding Cars

The vintage bride

Keywords: retro glamour, old-world charm, rock 'n' roll

Her perfect ride: a vintage Cadillac Seville Convertible

Experts say: according to the team at Wild Weddings Sydney, "Cadillacs of the '50s are the most extravagant statement in glamour, style, luxuryand above all individuality. The classic Cadillac has a tradition of opulence unmatched by any other car."

Facts to consider: with such a standout car, it may be difficult to find complementary cars for the bridal aprty that are also affordable. It is also a car that is best featured with a vintage theme.

Where can I find one? Cadillac King provides a great range of Cadillacs, as does Wild Weddings

The glamourous bride

Keywords: extravagant, flamboyant, flash and fabulous

Her perfect ride: a luxury stretch limousine (fits 10-12) or a stretch Hummer

Experts say: the team from say the benefits of a Hummer limousine are numerous as you will have room to travel with the entire bridal party.

Facts to consider: They are costly, especially if you want to hire two - one for the bride and groom and another for the bridal party. 

Where can I find one? Impressive Limousines, HF Wedding and Car Hire and Royale Limousines are just a few companies you could try.

The romantic bride

Keywords: pretty, dreamy, fairytale, old-fashioned

Her perfect ride: a hrose-drawn carriage

Experts say: according to Classic Wedding carriages Sydney, "If you have previously not had the pleasure to travel by horse and carriage, you are about to discover the grandeur and elegance of a previous era that cannot be equalled."

Facts to consider: the experience and reputation of the company. You don't want a horse, driver or footman with little or no experience as this will not look good, you won't be safe and it some cases it could be unethical (poorly treated horses).

Where can I find one? Both Classic Wedding Carriages Sydney and Imperial Coaches are good options.

The green bride

Keywords: eco-friendly, casual, relaxed, informal

Her perfect ride: a good old-fashioned bicycle or tandem trike

Experts say: this is teh perfect option for the nature-loving couple. You might also consider a cross-country horseback ride if you plan to marry in a rural area.

Facts to consider: this distances you will have to travel during the day and your dress. Riding a bike wearing a big, full-skirted dress could prove difficult.

Where can I find one? Probably in your garage or backyard. If not, check out Omafiets for stylish Dutch bicycles to buy and hire.

The adventutous bride

Keywords: fun, exciting, exhilirating

Her perfect ride: a hot air balloon

Experts say: a balloon ride is an incredibly special, serene and memorable occasion - the perfect way to start your big day and an experience you will remember forever.

Facts to consider: how comfortable you are with heights, and of course, the weather is an important consideration. Keep in mind the potential effect onyour hair and makeup, as well as your dress. 

Where can I find one? Try Balloon Aloft Sydney or Adrenalin Hot Air Ballooning Sydney


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