Eight Different Ways To Create Glam Wedding Stationary

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Make the best of paper, print and design for the perfect wedding invitations

Wedding invitations set the tone for your celebration, so it’s important that they reflect the look and feel you want at your wedding and heighten your guests’ anticipation of the event. But how can your wedding invitations stand out amongst all the others people have received in the past? Here are some of the latest unique wedding stationery ideas.

Letter-press is a form of relief printing, where words and graphics are stamped onto cardstock either with or without ink. If you’ve ever handled a letter-pressed card, you’ll know how precious they feel to touch. It’s beautifully unique way to make your wedding stationery stand out from the rest, turning each piece into a keepsake to be treasured. A range of script and serif fonts can be used depending on your wedding theme. Enquire with your stationery supplier, or contact Bespoke Letterpress Boutique, www.bespokepress.bigcartel.com 

A custom-designed postcard invitation is a casual, convenient and creative way to let your guests know about your wedding. Particularly suited to wander-lusting, no-fuss couples, these can be perfectly co-ordinated with your other stationery. An alternative is to include pre stamped postcard RSVPs in your wedding invitation envelopes, which will not only result in a quicker response from guests but will also give couples something to fill wedding albums and scrapbooks with. Trawl your local markets for vintage postcards or have some specially designed.

This innovative little idea is super-cute and transforms everyday invitations into keepforever souvenirs of your wedding. The invites, by Precious Little Prints, have the look and feel of 45rpm vinyl records but are actually CDs that can hold up to 700MB of data. Say goodbye to stuffing your envelopes with maps and wedding details — store it all on your invitation along with photos, songs, videos and other digital paraphernalia you want to share with family and friends. The exterior can be customised with any design and wording to suit your wedding. Ideal for retro vintage weddings. Visit www.preciouslittleprints.com.au  

From swirling floral designs along the border to caricatures of the bride and groom and hand-drawn maps, an illustration is a beautiful way to personalise your wedding stationery and create a common theme to bind your stationery suite. Depending on the skills set of your stationery supplier, illustrations can range from portraits to drawings that reflect you as a couple, such as the outdoors, flowers, bikes or sailboats.

For a fun, nostalgic treat, send carnival-style lollipops to your guests. Flavours, wording and design can be customised to reflect your tastes and theme while adding a unique, playful touch to your special day. Personalised lollipops can also be used as placecards, which can cut prices when doubled as a bomboniere. We found a number of lollipop invitation suppliers on Etsy, www.etsy.com, or visit www.littledanceinvitations.com.au 


Playing around with different fonts and type is a graphic designer’s dream, and with so much information to get across on your invitation why not let them use the text to its full potential? Stationery designers can use fonts in an interesting and visually beautiful way, either in the body of the invitation or to tell a story about the couple.

Including a number of pages, mini books allow you to cover all bases at once. With individual chapters for the wedding itself, RSVPs, a map and perhaps a note on gifts, the invitation mini book is the perfect way to simplify wedding stationery, especially if the
wedding involves complex plans such as with an out-of-town wedding.

A fabric or paper invitation with stitched details is another way to individualise your invitations. Cross stitching is great for vintage or country-themed weddings (and couples handy with a needle and thread) as they add a handmade feel to the theme. Stationery supplier The Little Paper Pantry is due to release an invitation range with stitching in 2012. Visit www.littlepaperpantry.com 


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