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Collaborators Silver Cloud Wedding Cars Hf Wedding & Hire Cars Custom Cars

Wondering what transport will suit your wedding theme? These tips will help you make the right choice

Couples will usually have some idea of what car will suit their wedding theme, but make the wrong choice and your wheels will stand out like a diamante in a pack of diamonds in your wedding photos. Make sure all the elements come together by matching your wheels with your wedding.



Ken Collins from Silver Cloud Wedding Cars is a connoisseur of the classic coupé. “For a classic wedding theme, you want to go for a Rolls, a Bentley, or a Jag,” he says. “They never go out of style.” For the ultimate elegance, couples should look for older models of these luxury brands, such as the 1948 Jaguar or 1957 Rolls-Royce. Both have curved body features, clean lines, and chrome finishings. Classic cars blend with almost any venue, from old churches to modern halls. When choosing your car, Ken’s one piece of advice to couples is to deal with a reputable supplier. “Go with someone who has been in business for a while and knows and loves their cars,” he says.



Couples planning a modern wedding will prefer top-of-the-range contemporary cars. Giancarlo Lombardo from HF Wedding Cars recommends new models such as the Mercedes E-class convertibles. “Mercedes has really outdone itself with this one,” says Giancarlo. These convertibles have a sleek fi nish and leather-lined bucket seats, perfect for brides who need to sit comfortably in their dress. “The best part of the convertible is they photograph well,” says Giancarlo. “Couples love that they can open the roof to wave goodbye as they head off on their honeymoon.” He recommends talking to suppliers about large bridal parties — often they will provide matching Mercedes limousines as a cost-effective way for everyone to travel together in style.



Cars that complement a vintage theme will usually be from the 1920s or ’30s. “Vintage cars capture the romance of that era,” says Warren Jones from Bonnie and Clyde Cars. Warren recommends checking that suppliers offer authentic vintage cars, like a 1929 Chevrolet or 1930s Dodge. Couples love the unusual box shape of these vintage coupés, which make for charismatic wedding photos. “When the day is over I get brides who ask, ‘Can you take me around the block once more?’ They love the feeling of going back in time,” says Warren.



No retro wedding would be complete without a classic muscle car. Rima Raso from Custom Cars recommends the Falcon 351 GT. She says grooms tend to go for the bright-red, yellow, and orange models, while brides love the classic white finish. Retro cars remind older couples of their youth and younger couples like their unique style. “These cars are for couples who want something different,” says Rima. “They definitely draw in the attention seekers.”


Nothing conveys that fairytale feeling like a traditional horse and carriage, and there are a number of Sydney suppliers who can make that dream come true. Bill Carr from Castlereagh Carriages recommends viewing the carriage and horses beforehand, and choosing a company with full insurance. Most important is choosing
the appropriate style for your wedding. “Some brides choose a closed carriage, only to be disappointed when they can’t wave at their friends and family,” says Bill. Sorting out these logistics beforehand will ensure you can sit back, relax, and feel like a princess on your big day.


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