Expert Advice: Wedding Ready Lashes

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Fluttery and feminine eyelashes are high on the beauty wish list of every bride-to-be. Read on for the tricks of the trade from our expert makeup artist Bernice Mansfi eld from Bernice Makeup Artist

Fake It

For those with short or sparse eyelashes, fret not. With a few enhancements you’ll be butterfly kissing your way around the room. False eyelashes come in a variety of colours, lengths and thicknesses. Experiment with different brands and variations to fi nd a look that suits your eye in terms of look and comfort. 

On the day of the wedding, ask your makeup artist to apply individual or small clusters of false lashes for a natural style. For a more glamorous look, be bold with gorgeous bar lashes. If you’re doing your own makeup, make sure you purchase several sets and have lots of practice before the wedding day, as application can be very tricky. Permanent or semi-permanent eyelash extensions are glued onto your natural lashes and can last several weeks (with refills required every three weeks). They are best applied by a professional and cost upwards of $150.

Do a trial at least two months before the wedding and make sure you visit a reputable salon with high-quality products, as unprofessional, untrained beauticians can leave you with damaged lashes, visible glue along your eyelid or an increased risk of follicle damage. It’s also important to ask your beautician for some aftercare tips to prevent the lashes from falling off.

Au Naturel

Fake lashes aren’t your thing? An eyelash curler can do wonders to enhance your natural lashes. With many traditional metal, plastic and heated versions on the market, deciding on the best one can be hard. Metal curlers by Shu Uemura and Shiseido are the choice of many beauticians and makeup artists. These can be slightly heated with a hairdryer on low heat for additional staying power (just make sure you test the temperature before putting the metal near your eye). Use the eyelash curler prior to applying mascara. For extra drama, add a second coat of mascara for full volume — you’ll notice your eyes appear much more open and the curl will last longer, as the mascara binds to the curl. Avoid using an eyelash curler when mascara is already applied, as this will cause your lashes to clump or even stick to the curler and potentially pull your lashes out.

Heated lash curlers are easy to use. They can be used after your mascara application many times until the desired curl is achieved.

Hot tips from Comple Wedding Melbourne’s makeup artists:

  • If you have an old mascara lying around, or are about to finish one, keep the brush. They can be used to separate your lashes (or to comb your brows in place). Simply wash them with a mild shampoo to bring them back to life.
  • Waterproof mascara is a must! Let’s face it — you’ll be shedding a tear or two on your big day. Reserve using it for your wedding day and special occasions only, as wearing waterproof mascara every day can cause brittleness.
  • To prevent clumping and flaking, make sure your mascara is brand new. Never keep a mascara longer than two months and never pump the wand into the product, as it will put air bubbles into it and dry it out quicker.
  • For a fuller look, opt for an oversized wand or add definition with a lengthening formula.


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