The Wedding Plan

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Collaborators Katy Andrews

Does the thought of planning your wedding send you into a spin? Don't panic - we take you through finding a venue, picking a dress, and making all the big decisions.



Although there may be hundreds of additional jobs you can and probably will do before your big day, staying focused on the big picture will help keep you level headed. If you tackle each stage below, one step at a time, you are guaranteed to have a fabulous wedding day with as little stress as possible. As for all the little finishing touches, well it’s up to you how creative you want to be.

You’re engaged!: The first and easiest task of all is to make the announcement to your family and friends. If you haven’t done so already, start searching for your engagement ring. Make sure you shop around for the best quality and style, remembering that you will be wearing this ring for the rest of your life, so you need to absolutely love it. If you have decided to have an engagement party, you should set a date and decide on a location. There are no set rules for engagement parties; you could host it at a family member’s home or book a function space — the choice is yours.

Tackle each task by order of priority. It’s easy to start panicking over every little job you need to do to bring your dream day together, but there is no point worrying about the style of your invitations before you have even decided on your venue.

Picking the perfect reception venue: Picking the right reception venue is probably one of the biggest decisions you will have to make when planning your wedding, along with selecting your wedding dress, of course. The reception has to tick a number of boxes, so before you even start looking you should write a draft guest list to determine the size of your wedding. Next, you need to think about the style that suits you; will it be a formal sit-down wedding or perhaps a more relaxed cocktail party? When thinking about the style it’s also important to consider what time of year you want to get married. This will help with narrowing down your venue options — a beach location, for example, might not be ideal for a winter wedding. Finally, don’t just consider the venues that have a big name; try researching different options such as restaurants or art galleries — there are a lot of hidden gems in this city.

Choosing your ceremony location: Once you have decided on your reception venue you will have a stronger idea of the location for your ceremony. You may be lucky enough to have found a reception venue that also has a chapel or garden to hold the ceremony; if not, consider looking in the local area for surrounding gardens, beaches or lakeside locations. However, be sure to find out the booking requirements for public spaces; you may need to make arrangements through the local council. If a church ceremony is what you are after, be sure to book early.

Use your pre-wedding beauty treatments as a chance to wind down and relax. Why not book a massage to go along with your monthly facial treatment and let your worries melt away?

Selecting your dream wedding dress: Next to booking your reception venue, ordering your gown is definitely the most important wedding related decision. When ordering a dress that is made to measure you will need to allow plenty of time for the dress to be made — sometimes up to six months in advance. No doubt you have been imagining your perfect dress since you were a little girl; however, it is still important to do your research before starting your fittings. Look at what styles are in fashion and narrow down the type of dress you desire. Be sure to take support with you to your appointments as you may need a second opinion. Look for styles and colours that complement your skin tone and body shape and, most importantly, make sure you are comfortable. And, remember, on your final fitting you will need to bring your lingerie and shoes.

Deciding on your bridesmaids’ dresses: If your bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes you may wish to consider a different style for each member while keeping the colour consistent. Be sure that your bridesmaids’ dresses stay in line with your theme and try to find a style that they will be comfortable in — they will love you for it!

Don’t forget about the men finding the suits: Although it’s your day, your hubby-tobe should get a big say on the style, cut and colour of his suit. Even though you want his outfit to match the theme of the wedding, you should ensure that the suit still reflects his natural style and personality — don’t try to turn him into something he’s not.

Simple and stress-free is best. If it’s driving you crazy to accomplish a certain detail, don’t be afraid to scrap it. You’ll feel better — like spring cleaning!


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