Our Guide To Wedding Night Lingerie

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While a gorgeous gown will be the star of your bridal outfit, the lingerie underneath is just as important. The right bridal undergarments can provide comfort and complement your figure while still giving your outfit some va-va-voom. Georgia Morgan looks at a variety of styles and what they can do for you

With the staggering range of underwear available, it can be hard to find a style that not only fits you like a glove but also suits your taste. The right bridal lingerie can make or break a perfect wedding outfit and leave you oozing with confi dence The style of lingerie you can wear will be dictated by your dress. Make sure underwear cannot be seen underneath your gown, especially if it’s a soft fabric such as crêpe, which can show the bumps of lace or corsetry. If your wedding gown is sheer or particularly tight, you may want to consider abandoning traditional bridal lingerie for panty hose with knit-in panties for a completely smooth look. 

Wear underwear appropriate to the season, too — for example, don’t wear synthetic materials in summer as they’ll make you sweat. It’s important to wear something you’re fairly familiar with. Your wedding day is not the time to experiment with styles that take some getting used to and may distract or cause discomfort. While white might seem the obvious choice, remember that white material can show through delicate or sheer gowns. Opt for neutral tones such as nude or beige, or choose a peach shade for supreme style and femininity.  

If you’re overwhelmed with choice, classic styles with embellishments such as lace trim are always appropriate. That said, don’t be afraid to experiment — you want your entire outfi t to be memorable. Your wedding dress isn’t an everyday garment and your bridal lingerie shouldn’t be either. Look for pieces that stand out and make you feel special.




A Perfect Fit
While style matters, comfort and support are absolutely vital. Lingerie that’s correctly fi tted can make you look stunning, feel incredible and improve your posture by forcing you to stand straight, making you appear slimmer and taller as a result. Know what you want to get out of your purchase before you start, concentrating on your specifi c needs over styles or trends. Do you want to cinch in your waist, accentuate your bust or shrink your behind? Address these issues first, as the style of your lingerie is only as impressive as what it does for your fi gure.

Always buy bridal lingerie in-store and get it professionally fi tted. Provide details of your gown to the shop assistant or bring a fabric sample so you end up with underwear that complements the style, feel and fi t of the dress. You should also buy items as early as possible as they will generally alter the fit of your gown. You want your dress to fi t you like a glove, so get fi tted with the lingerie or shapewear you’ll be wearing well in advance, if possible.

Try on all new items with your dress before the wedding to avoid stress. Leave enough time to double-check the fit and, if possible, shop at a store that offers alterations. Getting your lingerie custommade will guarantee best results, if your budget permits. Remember that not every design is comfortable enough to be worn all day and night, too. You’ll need to experiment with what feels best and try out your lingerie before the big day. When looking for a bra, those with a fuller bust should seek out specialty brands for support and comfort. The bra needs to fit perfectly so the bodice of the dress sits right and doesn’t slip or crease. 

An adhesive style of bra is essential for strapless gowns, though should be kept in mind for all dress shapes — hiking up your dress mid-ceremony isn’t a good look. Long-line bras or bustiers can be worn with most dresses and come in strapless styles. They’re great for summer as they provide the support of a bra while giving the desired shape without added bulk. Each provides great back support and gives an even tone down to the waist under sheer dresses, eliminating lingerie lines.

For many brides, shapewear that slims and accentuates curves is indispensable. To avoid adding unnecessary bulk, pinpoint specific areas and fi nd shape-wear that targets them. For example, an under-bust shape-wear garment shrinks the waist and thighs without fl attening your chest. Shapewear is not just for those with larger frames who want to slim down. Petite women can fi nd a range of padded garments, such as underwear, to enhance a flat derrière. Remember that it’s all in the details, so don’t skimp on hosiery, padding or other accessories that could make or break an otherwise perfect outfi t. A basque is also convenient as it combines bra, corset and suspender belt. It eases the stress of sourcing several different pieces and looks fantastic as a wedding night ensemble. Look for flexible boning and enough support in the bust for best results.



Wedding Night Lingerie

While garments like this carry over seamlessly from day to night, don’t feel bound to your choice of daytime underwear for your wedding night. With none of the constraints of a gown, you’re able to have fun with your lingerie, so be adventurous and wear a style that makes you feel irresistible.

White is still the traditional choice for wedding night lingerie, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Look for sheer fabrics, interesting embellishments and unconventional cuts to spice up an ensemble in a timeless shade. Alternately, opt for bright colours that eschew convention altogether and experiment with styles and colours you love. This is especially significant for any bride who has sacrifi ced stylish daytime lingerie for shapewear and who now has a chance to express her more seductive and feminine side.

Accessorising with gloves, hosiery or other items will also bring something extra to your ensemble. Or, for something different and a little more comfortable, try a negligee for a look that’s playful yet sophisticated. With so much to consider, it’s important to do your homework. By doing a little research and discovering which styles best suit your needs, buying your wedding lingerie can be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying events in the lead-up to your big day.

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