Wedding Flowers: Everything You Need

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Collaborators Kelly Stock

Beautiful blooms add colour and ambience to your wedding day, as well as coordinating with your bridal party’s look and the overall colour theme. But what flowers will you need exactly? Kelly Stock looks at the many opportunities to give your wedding flower power


Whether you’re a romantic or not, nothing sets the heart aflutter more than when a bride and groom first see each other as she makes her way down the aisle. The eye-watering moment can be made that little bit more special by embellishing your ceremony with breathtaking flowers. The options are endless for both extravagant and more understated weddings. 

Aisle flowers: Hand-tied bouquets, cone bouquets, aromatic pomanders (blooms studded into a foam ball) and free-standing arrangements placed along centre pews or rows of chairs all create a beautiful frame for the bride’s walk down the aisle. For those watching their pennies, try only adorning every second aisle, or simply the first few rows. If guests are seated in individual chairs, an option is to decorate each chair with a single elegant flower or mini-bouquet arrangement. 

Scattered petals: Rose and carnation petals are perfect for scattering as they are available in many different colours and their perfume will add an extra hint of romance to your ceremony. Scatter a row of petals on either side of the aisle or have a basket of petals prepared for guests to throw as the newlyweds leave the ceremony. 

Wreaths: Embellish the door of your venue with a floral wreath that will greet your guests with colour and fragrance, making a spectacular first impression. 

Garlands: These beautiful floral chains are used to adorn stair and verandah railings, columns and even ceremony archways. Garlands are stunning when combinedwith trailing ribbons.




Gorgeous wedding party flowers will instil the group with excitement and reveal to guests your unique tastes as a couple. As these arrangements will be forever captured in your photos, it’s no wonder flowers are one of the first things brides like to consider.

Bouquets: Carried by the bride and bridesmaids, bouquets can be hand-tied with ribbon for strong-stemmed flowers like roses or discreetly wired together in the case of small or delicate flowers. If flowers need to last over a long period of time, or in the heat, a foam bouquet holder is the best option.

Boutonnieres: The groom, best man, groomsmen, ring bearer and other close male relatives wear boutonnieres. Simple or more elaborate designs should tie in with the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Corsages: Traditionally worn by the mothers of the bride and groom, grandmothers and other close female relatives, corsages often include similar detailing to the bridal bouquets, but in a neutral or paler shade. Floral baskets: Ramp-up the cuteness of your flower girls by giving them a small basket full of flowers or petals decorated with ribbon matching the bridesmaids’ dresses.


Turn your reception into a true celebration of your union by carefully selecting your own unique mix of decorative flora to amaze your guests. Be sure to consider the ambience that is already set by your chosen reception venue and try to choose decorative elements that blend the venue’s style with your personal aesthetic. 

Table centrepieces: Arrange the flowers in eye-catching vases that reflect your theme. Some brides incorporate candles, although check with your venue that candles are allowed (an artificial flame candle may have to be used). Drinking glass-shaped hurricane vases are popular, filled with water, stones, fruit, lace, leaves or shells. Another nice tabletop feature is to place an individual rose on each napkin. Think about creating visual interest at a range of different eye levels. 

Wedding cake: Nothing makes a wedding cake as impressive as when it is decorated with gorgeous flowers. Choose from fresh or sugar varieties, which should fit thematically with other blooms at your wedding. 

Touch points: Window sills, the bomboniere table, guestbook table, wishing well or fireplace mantels can all be embellished with floral arrangements. Even the buffet table can be beautifully decorated with tall arrangements behind the food, small flowers at the table corners or a single garland draped around the front of the table.

Don’t forget to create some treasured memories using your various floral arrangements. A wreath can be styled from the bridal flowers and dried as a memento of the day. Or, have your floral cake decorations waxed or a replica made of silk flowers. These can be kept under a decorative glass dome as a reminder of the cake you shared with your family and friends.

For guests: Flowers can be your bomboniere. At each place setting, place a tiny basket with miniature arrangements for guests to take home. 

For bridesmaids: A nice gift idea is to fill a jewellery box for each of your bridesmaids. Long after the flowers have wilted, they will still have the memento as a special reminder of your day.


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