How To Find The Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

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Whether you’re tall, short, curvy or petite, use our style guide to find out what bridal gowns will suit your body type.




Apples have a heavy upper body and a lean lower body. If you’re an apple bride-to-be, look for a dress that highlights the neckline and bust and draws attention away from the waist. 

Look for: Empire-line dresses are a great option, as they will give you a wonderful lean-looking figure without hugging too tightly around your waist. A deep V-neckline will flatter your décolletage and draw the eye vertically, creating a longer-looking body (rather than horizontal).

Avoid: Steer clear of princess-line, sheath and basque dresses as they draw too much attention to your waist. Trumpet-style dresses are also a no-no as they hug and emphasise the area where your body is widest and fl are out at the legs and the knees, where you are most slender. Apples should also steer clear of spaghetti straps, which can cut into your shoulders.


If your bust, waist and hips are almost the same measurements, you have a banana body type. Bananas tend to have a high metabolism and an athletic appearance. Bananas should not hide their lean figure, but instead add a few subtle curves. 

Look for: A sheath-style gown, which will greatly flatter your slender shape. To add some curves, try a sheath dress in a wispy charmeuse that’s cut on the bias; the curving side seam will give you a contoured and elongated body. Alternatively, try a ball gown that gathers around your waist and falls naturally, giving you soft curves.

Avoid: Stay away from open décolletage looks such as portrait, off-the-shoulder or halter necklines if your shoulders and collarbones are very prominent.



If your hip measurements are greater than your bust and shoulders, you fi t into the pear body type. When looking for a bridal gown, focus on drawing attention to your petite upper body. 

Look for: Pears will fi nd they look the part in a princess-style dress. This type of gown disguises fuller hips and places emphasis on the bust and waist. Another style to consider is an A-line skirt, which gradually flares out from your waist to the floor. As this cut will skim over your hips and thighs and highlight your petite mid-section, it has an overall slimming effect. Spaghetti straps and V-necklines are also options that will show off your slim upper body.

Avoid: Pears should avoid tiered, sheath and trumpet-style dresses that draw attention to your bottom half. Mermaid dresses are also very tricky as they flare out after the knee.


Hourglass figures are those where the hip and bust are almost equal in size, with a very narrow and well-defi ned waist. Hourglass figures should avoid unbalancing their hips and bust and draw attention to their petite waist.

Look for: Most dress styles will suit an hourglass figure, but it is best to look for a gown that accentuates your tiny waist. Dresses that highlight your curves are perfect, such as corset dresses and mermaid gowns.

Avoid: As your body proportions are equal, hourglasses should avoid adding any weight to either half. Some empire-line dresses and ball gowns can make you look too heavy.


A classic inverted triangle body type will have hips that are narrower than the shoulders. Aim to deflect attention from the shoulders to balance out the figure.

Look for: V and sweetheart necklines. Dresses with a full skirt, such as A-line, ball gown or princess styles, will balance the shoulders, creating a symmetrical silhouette.

Avoid: Steer clear of halter-necks, off-theshoulder necklines and puffed sleeves as these will draw attention to your shoulders. If you have a big bust, avoid wearing heavy embroidery, embellishments and lapels on your neckline.


By Perrie Kapernaros

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