8 Top Trends In Bridal Bouquets

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See what’s blooming in the world of bouquets.

Less is more
In some cases, less is more and simplicity can be the key to making your wedding day a spectacular display. “Many brides are opting for a monochrome bouquet,” says Virginia from The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie. “Some brides are choosing one colour in a variety of fl owers or even one flower type, such as all white roses.” Depending on the flower and colour selected, the overall look is often very elegant.

Colour my world
Vibrant, brightly coloured flowers are a popular way to add pops of colour to the reception. Try a combination of orange, yellow, purple with turquoise and different shades of fuchsia.



Soft and sweet
“Pastel colours are currently trending, with brides opting for soft shades such as pale pink, mint green and baby blue,” says Virginia. “Baby’s breath is also huge at the moment, with many brides requesting a large bouquet with only baby’s breath and others wanting baby’s breath incorporated in the bouquet, alongside other flowers, so they can feature baby’s breath on the [reception] tables,” she adds.

Choose colours with meaning
Your wedding should be a memorable experience, so incorporating aspects that have signifi cance to you are always an advantage. Perhaps choose colours that represent what you want in a marriage. If you wish for joy, opt for shades of orange. If you want peace and calmness, mix light shades of blue and green together.



Remember loved ones
Sometimes not all of our loved ones can make it to our special day. Have a locket with a photo of them placed inside the bouquet. Couples can also include a past photo of them from early in the relationship, or even a photo of their childhood pets.

Include something borrowed
A nice way to incorporate your “something borrowed” is wrapping the stems of your bouquet with a piece of lace, veil or dress fabric previously worn by a loved one, such as your mum, sister or best friend.


One everlasting flower
Recently, brides have been incorporating a silk flower in their bouquets to symbolise everlasting love and happiness. The silk flower can be pulled out and kept forever as a memento of the wedding.

The bigger the better
“We’re seeing a trend of oversized bouquets, with brides wanting larger, often deconstructed bouquets, to make more of a statement,” Virginia explains. “[With] brides placing more emphasis on their flowers, often incorporating overhead floral arrangements, extravagant floral centrepieces and ceremony decorations, it’s only natural that they would also like a bouquet with wow factor”



Words: Aleczander bryan Gamboa

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