Top Five Ways To Propose (For The Groom To Be)

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Stumbling over ideas for the ultimate proposal? We have devised a list of the top proposal ideas our love-struck ladies could come up with.

Have those butterflies taken flight in your stomach? Here's our expert advice on how to rid those nerves when and make the most romantic proposal your bride-to-be could ever dream of. 

Preparing for the question of your life will take it out of you; it will leave you feeling crippled, anxious and possibly indecisive. You will most likely spend weeks or perhaps months trying to figure out the best way to propose. To make your job simpler, we have devised a list of the top five tips and ways to propose. Hopefully, these tips will give you some insight on how you may pop the question to your lovely bride-to-be.

  1. You should know your bride-to-be by now, her personality, her desires, what makes her tick and what makes her melt. It may be that she absolutely loves candles or she’s an animal lover… Whatever it may be, use your bride’s favourite item or hobby to your advantage when coming up with a proposal idea. For example, if your bride loves candles, then think about proposing at a candle-lit dinner, or if your bride loves flowers, think about a beautiful and picturesque garden.

  2. Now, how about a walk down memory lane… Not the one in ‘Desperate Housewives,’ but the one where you first met your other half. The first meeting point holds sentimental value for the entity of yours and your partner’s entire lifetime; it will draw back old memories and make for a perfect proposal location. To add a special touch, perhaps order the same food that you did on your first date or wear the same clothes; surely your bride-to-be will be outstandingly impressed.

  3. An extravagant proposal may seem like the dream proposal but keep in mind that it will be costly. Whether you make a short film, hire a sky writer to write your proposal in the air or you take a ride in a hot air balloon, these options will surely put the WOW factor into your proposal. There is also the option of taking a small getaway; a romantic location will be the perfect backdrop for a rose petal path and an outdoor dinner on the beach. Be aware that some brides may be a bit more on the conservative side, so an extravagant proposal may seem overwhelming and may not be your bride-to-be's cup of tea.

  4. Now, for the more simplistic and creative... You could direct your bride to a certain location via text message or notes and lead her to your proposal destination. You could set out for an afternoon of kite flying and on the underside of the kite, you could write ‘will you marry me?’ A creative proposal is more suitable for your bride if they’re more on the creative and fun side. Just remember the more original and unique your proposal is the better your bride’s reaction will be and the more perfect the moment will be to snap it on camera.

  5. Finally, but most importantly, be yourself! It is important that you carefully plan out your proposal so that it reflects your true individuality and you don’t appear ‘too fake’ or ‘too cliché.’ Overall, a splendid proposal will only be achieved if you put some thought into it and plan it out well.

Now, go get that ring! 

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