Top 5 Pre Wedding Hair Care Tips

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Are you in need of some advice and tips on how to look after your hair prior to your wedding day... If yes, then read on.

A bad hair day on your wedding day doesn’t sound too good... So, we’ve devised a list of the top five pre-wedding hair care tips for you to read over to help you prevent a bad hair day from occurring. Prepping you hair at least six months prior to your wedding day is essential. It will give time for your hair to grow, split ends to be cut off and treatments to work effectively. Brides Collective has prioritized a list of potential treatments below for you to try out:



Have you got frizzy fly-away hair that lacks a smooth and silky feel? Then, keratin treatment may be a good option for you. Keratin is a natural protein based chemical used in the treatment that will help smooth out frizz and help add shine to dull and lifeless hair. The treatment will be performed by a hairdresser and will take approximately 90 minutes. The keratin protein will simply be added through application of the product and then a straightener will be used to seal it in. For the treatment to work effectively, it’s recommended you start keratin treatment six month prior to your wedding day and maintain it every six to eight weeks.



Charcoal steam is another excellent hair regimen that a modern and popularized treatment, performed by many brides to be. The benefit of this monthly treatment is that it can be easily performed at home or in the salon. The treatment helps add shine and texture to your hair, softening frizz and help restores previous damage. If you’re doing the treatment at home, you will need to have washed and towel dried your hair prior to application of the product. Once you’ve applied it all over, you will need to heat up a damp towel and then wrap your hair in it. Leave the towel wrapped for approximately 15-20 minutes, then wash out the entire product out of your hair and dry your hair. After the initial treatment, your hair will feel more bouncy, silky and easier to style.



In conjunction with the keratin and charcoal steam treatment, regular trims will further assist in making your hair feel and look amazing. If you’ve previously bleached, coloured or used heating appliances on your hair, this damage is irreversible. This is because bleach, colour and heat change the chemical structure within your hair. This is why it’s essential, that you get regular trims, preferably every four to six weeks, to help trim off damaged and dry hair. You don’t need to get inches cut off, but a small amount each time will go a long way. Some further advice would be to use a heat protect spray if you intend to continue using heating appliances such as a straightener or hair dryer. This coating will prevent the heat from changing the chemical structure of your hair and dry it out.



Macadamia Oil treatment is another perfect option for those of you who already have quite healthy hair. This treatment is more affordable and can be easily maintained. The treatment is more flexible, in the sense that you can do it whenever you like and use as many of the macadamia products as you wish to. The products available include shampoos, conditioners, masques, mists, oil treatments, moisturizers and hair sprays. The products are amazing; they will add hydration and boost your hair’s repair and growth mechanisms. The products are also useful if you have short hair and you want to grow your hair for your wedding day.



Are you looking for more of a natural and holistic approach to looking after you hair and prepping it for your wedding day? Well, an Indian head massage may be the right option for you then. The massage helps increase oxygen levels and nourishment that is sent to the scalp and the hair follicle, ultimately causing stimulation to hair growth. Alongside with a relaxing and tranquil experience, Indian head massages also have many health benefits. These benefits include helping with headaches, insomnia, eyes strain and a few other conditions.




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