Tips For Your Life As A Married Couple Post Wedding

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After spending all of your savings on your dream wedding, life after wedding can be a bit tight. Here are 5 simple tips to make your life as Mr & Mrs easier and more financially friendly.

It’s not uncommon for couples to spend years planning the perfect wedding, but how long do most of us spend doing the necessary admin for life after marriage? We're willing to bet that it’s a lot less time than you spend choosing the the bridesaid dresses or flower arrangements.

So take the time to organise the boring stuff before your wedding, so that you can enjoy the marital bliss after your special day, and maybe save a bit of money in the process. iSelect has provided us with their top 5 tips life-admin for brides-to-be:

Under the cover(s)

Thinking of starting a family? Most private health insurance funds require you to have had private cover that includes pregnancy for 12 months (from when you take it out or upgrade) before you can claim on hospital costs related to child birth. This means you need to have pregnancy cover for at least three months before falling pregnant, so it's important to take out cover or upgrade as soon as you start thinking about having a baby. Even better - as soon as you get married.

Split and dave


You might be planning to stay together forever, but your private health insurance policy doesn’t have to be joined at the hip. A married couple could save money and find more tailored coverage by having separate health cover. For example, you save by having two singles policies if there are different health needs between you, for example - a woman needing obstetrics/pregnancy cover. 

When two become one

Do you and you partner both have cars? Multi-car policies can offer great value, and the more cars on the policy, the more you could save. 

Plan for the worst, then forget about it

Unfortunately the unexpected can happen. As such it’s always a good idea to protect your family financially by thinking about what would happen to them should you or your partner pass away. This can mean taking out a life insurance policy; or at the very least reviewing any cover you may have already included in your superannuation. It may be sufficient or you may wish to bulk it up with a separate life cover or income protection.

It doesn't always pay to be loyal

Just bought a home with your partner? Make sure you keep your lender honest and review your rate whenever interest rates change. Switching to an interest rate that is even just a few decimal points lower can take valuable time off the total repayment period and ease some pressure on the household budget (or more money for date night!)


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