How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Shoes

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Your wedding day can be a marathon for your feet, especially in brand new beautiful bridal shoes.

Walking down the aisle, posing for pictures, liasing with guests and doing the bridal waltz will leave you very little time to rest tired tootsies. Here's some helpful tips to ensure your wedding shoes remain married to your feet and completely comfortable until the last guest has bid you farewell.

The phrase "comfortable shoes" often conjures images of soft, daggy, loafer-type shoes our grandmothers seem to have a penchant for. However, this is no longer the case.


No two feet are the same, so getting your shoes custom-made to fit your feet is sure to give you all the support you need on your big day. You will be in control of everything from style to hell height to specific sizing. G&L Handmade Shoes offers custom handmade shoes in Sydney, ensuring an individual fit. Custom-made is the best way to get shoes that perfectly match your dress and usually takes around five weeks to make.

Style and comfort

If getting custom-made shoes isn't something you want to do, there are other options to keep your feet happy. There are many stores specifically catering to brides such as Deseo Bridal Shoes and Panache Bridal Shoes. Also, don't foget retail chains such as Wittner, which has a specific bride-to-be range of footwear. Shoes are one of the most important factors on your wedding day and comfort is a priority.

Gel insoles

If you really can't find anything from these shoe professionals, there are other ways to alleviate the chance of blisters and experiencing pain. Handy inventions such as Neat Feat's Femme range of gel products help ease the load on your feet. Most gel insoles can be cut to fit and are pressed into the shoe and stuck on with an adhesive backing. The gel absorbs some of the pressure on the heel, assisting with heel strike and sore or aching feet - a perfect addition to your wedding day emergency kit.

Wear them in

Once you've made a decision about what you're going to be slipping your perfectly pedicured toes into, don't be afraid to wear them before your big day. Actually, it is recommended you wear the shoes in by walking around in them at home - this will ensure you become accustomed to them beforehand and will also soften the mateial so the chance of rubbing and blisters is reduced. Wear stockings when your wear them in to reduce the chance of marking them or getting them dirty. 

Heels aren't a necessity

Wearing heels is not compulsary by any means and you can certainly war falts if you would prefer. Remember, you want to enjoy the day and feel confident and at ease. If you do go for the heel option, bear in mind you need a height that enables you to walk comfortably.

Invest in quality

The higher the quality, the better your shoes will feel and the more your feet will love you at the end of the night. Quality doesn't always mean a huge price tag: it just means you need to shop around. Most importantly, ensure the materials are of a high standard, whether fabric or leather.

Take a backup pair

If you can't bear to walk down the aisle without heels, but know that no matter how comfortable they are, you just won't be able to walk all night in them, don't be afraid to take something more comfortable to slip into. It's your day after all, so feel free to take an appropriate pair of patent or fabric ballet flats in a complementary colour to your dress to change into for the reception so you can dance and mingle all night.

Get properly fitted

Bearing in mind you'll be on your feet from sunrise to sunset and beyond, now is not the time to assume you are a size 7 when you are actually a 7.5. Take the time to visit as many shoe boutiques and ask staff to assist you with sizing and for recommendations on appropriate heel height. You shouldn't feel any pulling or pinching when shoes are a good fit.

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