3 Wedding Planners Share Their Trade Secrets

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Collaborators Bells N Whistles Events Bling Events

These wedding planners explain what they do for their weddings and give some top tips for yours.

Bells N Whistles Events

Bells N Whistles is a boutique event and wedding planning and styling service founded in 2005. Director Jennifer Kennedy explains that they are all about a personal approach.

"We are a high end wedding planning company. We are personal; we don't have templates or formulas. The way we plan plannings is per couple. We treat everyone the same, no matter their budget, because we love what we do.

"It's an all inclusive package. We deal with every aspect of your wedding. Every client is different but we have one fee and good old fashioned service. 

"Having the right people on the day is important rather than a massive package with things you don't need. We advise on how to save money along the way and negotiate where possible. 

"We take the time to get to know our clients and put that information back into the wedding. It's about what makes the couple happy, not me."

Top Tips from Jennifer:

Get yourself a wedding planner! It takes a lot of time to plan a wedding. Hire a planner you like and trust, that you know you're going to get along with. You and your finance should come up with 3-5 words to describe the look of the day - you both have to agree on them, and ideas that don't fit don't happen. 

Avant Couture

Avant Couture Weddings and Events specialises in individualised co-ordination and services and wedding design, with an emphasis on detail, quality and creativity.

Owner and manager Courtney Rea says they can ceter to suit any bride's needs.

"We can assist you from start to finish, from the engagement party to the honeymoon. Alternatively, we can take care of the tasks that are time consuming like gathering price quotes from vendors and performing site inspections."

Top tips from Courtney:

Hosting a wedding that leave a long-lasting impresion with your guests doesn't mean it has to be a lavish affair or oh-so trendy. Make your ceremony touching and emotional. Be bold with your colour scheme. Create a timeless reception that makes a statement about you and your partnet. Incorporate small details that reflect your personalities and love story. Finally, provide your guests with excellent food. 

Bling Events

Bling Events specialises in bonboniere, stunning invitations and sparkling wedding decorations made from genuine Swarovski crystals. Events director Natalie Sarkissian says they also offer afforable packages for all your other wedding and event needs.

"We do centrepieces, flowers, invitations .. it depends. We get a lot of stressed out clients, we sit them down and relax them so they enjoy the engagement and excitement of getting married. 

"We work within any budget. The couple deal with me instead of lots of different suppliers, which is easier for us and them. I try to make every wedding a bit different - it makes my job more interesting!"

Top tips from Natalie:

A lot of people want low centrepieces for better vision but they make the venue look empty. You want to walk into the room and go "wow!". Another mistake is spending all of your money on the dress and then go budget on the photographer. A bad photographer makes an expensive dress look half its price, whereas a good photographer makes the day.

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