The Ultimate Wedding Playlist

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Collaborators Quat Quatta Noble Photography

The music played at your wedding is integral to setting the mood. Ensure you hit the right chord with your guests with Complete Wedding's top tips

  1. If you decide to go down the DJ path, ask family and friends for recommendations of DJs they know and make sure you have seen a video or heard some of a set the DJ has done. Try to find a DJ with wedding experience; that way you know they understand how a wedding reception proceeds, the traditional dances and how to keep wedding guests engaged and entertained. 

  2. Select a DJ who is happy to collaborate with you to aim for the perfect playlist. Personalising the playlist for your wedding is a great way to make the reception your own.

  3. Your first dance song is important. If you pick the right one, every time you hear it you will fondly remember how special your day was. Pick something that’s meaningful to you and your fiancé, whether it's the fi rst song you ever danced to, the song that was playing when you shared your fi rst kiss, or it may just be a song you both love and can relate to.

  4. The playlist should refl ect the mood of the reception. Is it a mellow affair or do you want your guests to get up and dance? Speak to your DJ about what kind of atmosphere you want to create to avoid cutting your cake to Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back”.

  5. It’s important to consider your guests when selecting songs for a playlist. Does the crowd have similar tastes to you? Will there be a lot of older aunts, uncles and parents? Tracks with profanities are probably a no-no if your nan is going to be present, so consider which songs will be appropriate for your audience.

  6. By no means should you sacrifi ce your own taste when choosing your music. After all, the day is all about you and the music should reflect that. However, it is nice to throw in some tracks that you know your guests will also enjoy. Consider including a space on the wedding RSVPs where guests can write their top favourite songs. You and your fiancé can choose which of these to include at the reception.

  7. If all this seems overwhelming, instead of making a completely tailor-made playlist you can make a “do not play” list, which has become quite common with brides. That way, you can weed out those tacky songs you hate with minimal effort.

  8. At the end of the day, it is your wedding and the most important thing to remember is to have music that makes you happy — even if that means dancing the night away to Justin Bieber.

Top wedding songs for 2014

  • Ho Hey The Lumineers
  • You’ve Got the Love Florence and the Machine
  • Pompeii Bastille
  • Mirror Justin Timberlake
  • Wanna be Startin’ Somethin’ Michael Jackson

To get the crowd dancing

  • Get Lucky Daft Punk ft Pharrell Williams
  • We Found Love Rihanna
  • Just Dance Lady GaGa
  • Blurred Lines Robin Thicke ft Pharrell Williams & T.I.
  • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Beyonce

Classic first dance options

  • The Way You Look Tonight Frank Sinatra
  • Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing Aerosmith
  • At Last Etta James
  • Collide Howie Day
  • Come Away With Me Norah Jones

To put on your “do not play” list

  • Macarena Los del Río
  • Cotton Eye Joe Rednex
  • Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
  • Chicken Dance
  • YMCA Village People

Tunes to get the oldies out of their chairs

  • Dancing Queen ABBA
  • Twist and Shout The Beatles
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
  • God Only Knows The Beach Boys
  • Johnny B. Goode Chuck Berry

Words: Stephanie Azzopardi 

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