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Article Collaborators : Kristjan Porm Photography Moving Presentations' Filmbook

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Collaborators Kristjan Porm Photography Moving Presentations' Filmbook

Your wedding photo album is the main memento of your big day, so it’s important to get it just right. Jodie McLeod looks at what goes into creating the ultimate photo album

The way we capture, store, and present everyday photos in recent years has left traditional photo albums for dead. We’re so used to taking photos with smartphones and sharing them instantly through social media that most of us couldn’t remember the last time we printed a photo and slipped it beneath some plastic film. But does “death of the album” mean wedding photography albums are on their way out as well? Have we seen an end to the days of pulling out a briefcase-size tome from the lounge-room cabinet and donning white microfi bre gloves to relive the greatest memories of one’s life?


Wedding photographers will usually have a number of photography package options available for couples. These might range from basic delivery of photography on a CD — with which couples can do as they please — to premium-quality printed albums complete with a selection of framed photographs. Of course, the latter is more expensive, which may lead some newlyweds to consider the option of simply putting their wedding photos online, on their iPad, or compiling their own DIY wedding photo book.

Sydney photographer Kristjan Porm says that while there are more options on the market now for how brides and grooms can present their wedding photography, the most popular choices are still the professional-quality, leather-bound photo albums. “I would say 80 per cent of my clients still choose this option,” says Kristjan. While creating an inexpensive photo book may be alluring, Kristjan says it comes with a number of drawbacks. “Quite often people have the best of intentions that they will sit down and put the album together themselves, but they never get around to doing it,” he says. Victor Jacobs, manager of specialty photo album supplier Photoland, also has reservations about choosing a printed photo book for wedding photography.

“Photo books have the advantage that they are a contemporary style and can have cool graphics and collages, but at the end of the day, how good is the binding and will the album stand the test of time?” he asks.

Photoland also offers couples the option of creating their own photo books using a photo kiosk. Photo book technology is relatively new, however, so Victor says it’s still not known exactly how long such books will last.
“The traditional wedding albums that we stock are warranted for life,” he says. “They are fully stitched books with glassine interleaves and will protect your photos for a lifetime.”



Photography technology is ever advancing and one new option that has entered the wedding photo album market is a digital presentation for iPad that combines photography, film, and story-telling. Created by Sydney-based wedding cinematography studio Moving Presentations, FilmBook is the world’s first interactive wedding album for iPad. Partnering with a number of wedding photographers, including Raoul Tackelburg Photography, Moving Presentations captures all the details of the wedding and collates these in an iPad-storybook format, with the option to make images come to life. One tap with your fingertip can turn beautiful stills of family and friends into video footage of speeches at the reception, of the bride walking down the aisle, or of the couple enjoying their first dance together.

Moving Presentations creative director, Mark Gibson, says the technology is the way of the future for wedding albums. “Based on our research, couples are now very digital-savvy and expect ondemand sharing of their memories,” says Mark. “FilmBook meets their needs and will become the way wedding albums will be delivered in the future.” Incorporating fi lm, photography, and text into an iPad album is the premium end of digital photography options. However, if it’s just used for photography alone, Kristjan is not sure an iPad is the best idea. 

“To me, it’s not a very tactile and personal way of holding a memory,” says Kristjan. “People still gravitate towards something you can feel and touch in your hand — a beautifully printed album has got some permanency about it.”


When designing your wedding album, it’s important to choose a look that won’t date. “The simple, timeless designs are the ones that will always look good,” says Kristjan. Keeping the design classic also allows the images to do the talking and not be overwhelmed by garish colours, frames, or layout styles. The selection of images should be up to the couple, but ask your photographer for advice and guidance. When it comes to the flow of the album, Kristjan says the most important thing is that the images tell the story of the day and that the most beautiful serve as the hero shots of the album — given prime positioning and lots of space.


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