How To: Find The Perfect Bridal Shoes

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Hunting down the right pair of shoes for your big day can be an elusive and exhilarating task. Kylie Baracz speaks to footwear designer Aruna Seth about the hottest bridal shoe trends right now.

Choosing your bridal shoes can sometimes be just as tricky as finding the right gown. Not only do you want them to look amazing, you also want them tobe comfortable so you can dance the night away!

Happy feet
International footwear designer Aruna Seth says comfort should come top of the list when purchasing the perfect pair of shoes. “Comfort is a key factor because brides will be wearing the shoes all day long,” she says. “This is one reason our shoes are especially loved by brides as they contain special plush leather padding in the sole of the foot for all-day wear.”

Along with comfort, Aruna believes brides should be careful with the heel height of shoes, as it can mean the difference between grooving all night and an evening of sitting at the bridal table.

“A bride should wear a height she is comfortable with. If she never wears 6-inch heels, then they are probably not suitable for her wedding day. You could also wear shoes that are in theme with your wedding. For example, some brides go for a butterfly theme or it might be a lace theme,” says Aruna. Aruna recommends a heel height that is comfortable as the dress can always be altered in line with the height of the shoes.

Something blue
Not sure about the masses of ivory and sheer white? Why not try a pop of colour? Bright shoes are the latest trend in modern weddings, advises Aruna.

“We’ve had tons of brides request coloured shoes, especially when they are getting married in hot locations. A pop of bright colour under a white wedding dress looks fantastic! We get a lot of requests for blue shoes to fulfill that ‘something blue’ for a wedding,” says Aruna.

A bit of sparkle can also make an impact. “We’ve just added a stunning new pointed-toe heel to the Aruna Seth collection. It is super glam with a lovely triangle of Swarovski crystals,” says Aruna.

Digging in your heels
To avoid the trouble of your heels digging into soft grass, you can either choose to wear strappy wedges or even some gorgeous ballet flats or sandals — perfect for that summer ceremony.

“We usually suggest a pair of lovely wedges, such as the Aruna Seth cerise ivory satin wedges, or perhaps a pair of ballerinas. These styles are both flat and glamorous at the same time! A few of our brides will buy a lovely pair of Aruna Seth butterfly heels and then have a pair of butterfly ballerina shoes to complement their wedding theme too.”

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