The Gift Registry Guide

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Don’t skip a gift registry as it makes things so much easier for your guests and means that you don’t end up with three toasters or, worse, three ugly toasters.

Your guests want to celebrate your wedding with you and, whether they can attend the day or not, giving a gift is often part of that. Don’t skip a gift registry as it makes things so much easier for your guests and means that you don’t end up with three toasters or, worse, three ugly toasters. It’s important to remember that, as fun as gifts are, guests are not obliged to buy you one. This is why some couples do not include registry details on the invitation. Guests can then ask the couple or anyone in the wedding party about a registry if they wish to contribute to one. The number-one rule for registries is to include a wide range of options for all price brackets — from mugs to coffee machines.

Your guests are likely to choose items that they know you will enjoy together as a couple, such as household items, rather than personal or hobby items that are only applicable to one of you. But as the definitive American source on etiquette, The Emily Post Institute, says, “Just remember: in the end, the choice of gift is always up to the giver, so great aunt Edna might still buy you a blender.”


Both Wedding Gifts Direct ( and Wedding List Co. ( offer wishing well registries where guests can contribute to your honeymoon, mortgage or even big-ticket household items that aren’t likely to be bought with an average gift registry, such as a bed. They are both combination registries, meaning that you can have a traditional gift list from their wide range of products as well as a wishing well option. On the downside, both charge guests processing fees for a cash contribution and will also charge the couple if they receive under a certain amount, so read the fine print before you commit. You may want to have a wishing well point at your reception for guests wanting to avoid these fees. Wedding Gifts Direct also has a showroom in Balmain.


These registries are perfect for couples who are not yet living together or who wish to upgrade their furnishings. The Myer gift registry is a fun, hands-on experience. Register in store and you can get barcode happy with the shop’s scanner. It’s fantastic to be able to see the products up close and imagine them in your home. Your guests can also see and order the products in stores throughout Australia, so it’s perfect for those that aren’t as technologically capable (but information is available online for those that are internet savvy). You can include items from Myer’s entire range — from TVs to kids’ toys and even luggage. Myer now even offers RedBalloon vouchers in the registry, so you can indulge in a bit of newlywed abseiling or a couple’s massage.

Peter’s of Kensington offers a full registry to kit out your home, with favourites such as Jamie Oliver kitchen gadgets, Sheridan linen and Wedgwood dinnerware. They also have great wine and food hampers, which are sure to encourage some romantic nights in. David Jones also offers a traditional registry, with great customer service. Once you have received all the purchased items, if you have any problems or double-ups, they can be easily exchanged or returned for a gift card.


Some couples just have everything they need. Share the love around and instead of getting more stuff or money, if your guests want to commemorate your nuptials with a gift, give them the option to donate to your chosen charity through sites such as Everyday Hero ( or Karma Currency ( You’ll be in good company with this giving option: lots of well-known personalities have gone down the charity path in lieu of wedding gifts, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

If you want a traditional registry but still want to include a charity element to your day, donate on behalf of your guests instead of giving wedding favours. Even with this option, you can provide something for your guests to take home, for example you can donate through buying them all a charity ribbon or a red nose for SIDS and Kids. Oxfam shops have a great range of Fair-Trade items that would be suitable for bomboniere, from organic Amazonian chocolate-coated coffee beans to etched-glass candle holders from India.

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