The Bridal Beauty Regime

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Your bridal beauty regime may be one of the most time-consuming aspects of your wedding day to organize.


   Your bridal beauty regime may be one of the most time-consuming aspects of your wedding day to organize. From head to toe, glowing and glamorous is key, as you will be the center of attention. From a few months to a few weeks before your big day; when do you start? We have come up with the top five bridal beauty trends for you to read over. These key procedures will assist you with your bridal beauty regime and are top priority for your wedding day.


Skin (Facials)

   This is one of the far-most important elements of your entire bridal beauty regime that shouldn’t be overlooked under any exception. It is essential that you get your skin looking fantastic a few months prior to your big day. The occasional pimple, blackhead, dullness or perhaps even skin blemish is surely what we want to train and put in line before your wedding day. For this reason, it’s crucial that you start having frequent facials, skin treatments and stacking up your bathroom shelf, full of ingredient rich products to help tame down problem skin. Products that are rich in citrus extracts, kojic acid and bearberry extract, will help brighten your skin for your wedding day and ensure that you are photo ready for those memorable snapshots.



   Your nails are another important part of your bridal beauty regime that need to be thought about. After all, that big shining stone sitting on your finger must be well complemented with freshly manicured nails. Pinks, nudes and cream colours in light tones are all neutral colours that won’t out-shine your wedding ring. French manicure is another option for those brides who want the traditional and simplistic look. Also, don’t forget to include that hand cream into your bridal beauty regime! There would be nothing worse than to have dry and rough hands on your wedding day, especially if your wedding will be during the winter months.  



   Long, short, coloured, damaged or dry, it is time to give those locks some extra loving and devotion. Regular trims, conditioning masques, hydrating shampoos and Moroccan oil serums will become your new best friend. Like with your skin, it’s vital that you begin your hair care a few months before your wedding day. This will allow dry and damaged hair to get trimmed off and new fresh hair to be immersed in rich and hydrating product; looking its best for your wedding day. Steering clear of heat, steam and curling tongs is a must! This will make all those costly products and treatments in your bridal beauty regime worthwhile and effective.



   From this point onwards, ditch the tweezers, wax and epilating creams. Six months prior to your wedding, you need to start letting those bald spots grow out. Once you have given your brows about a month to grow out, visit a therapist who will only use tweezers to shape your brows. Inform her of what shape and thickness you are aiming for on your wedding day. Additionally, as a part of your bridal beauty regime, you may want to discuss what brow style and product will be most effective for you on your wedding day; perhaps a brow pencil, brow powder, tinting or brow gel.



   We all want that amazing body to fit into that amazing wedding dress we have been dreaming about. So, it’s time to cut out those calories and switch to a healthier diet full of nutritious food. Not only will you drop dress sizes, but a healthy diet will also reflect through your skin, hair and nails. It will work hand in hand with all the effort you will be putting in to your bridal beauty regime.


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