The Average Cost Of Australian Weddings Just Got A Whole Lot Higher

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Weddings are becoming more and more expensive lately, so we've broken down expenses to show you how much money you really need to save.

Recent surveys in Australia have revealed that the average price of a wedding has skyrocketed to $65,000 in the past year! Brides and grooms are forking out thousands of dollars to tie the knot in the utmost style, taking out loans and racking up charges on the credit card just to afford their special day.

Don’t start stressing, though. Just because some couples are choosing to spend big doesn’t mean you have to dip into those savings to pull off a spectacular event.

Flashy trends like catching a helicopter to your scenic waterfront venue and releasing 1000 butterflies as you say ‘I do’ are the reason the national average has gotten so high. Realistically if you skip the bare back horse ride along the beach at dusk, MoneySmart believes you can still pull off your spectacular wedding for about $32,000.

Our breakdown of wedding day payments will help you keep those wallets in check and will give a realistic expectation of how much you need to spend on your wedding.

Bride Expenses:

Everything for the bride including the dress, veil, shoes, accessories, hair and makeup will cost on average $2500. Brides who fancy designer labels will have to set aside a tad more to cover the cost.

Shopping for bridesmaids will cost around $170 per person (but you can ask each person to pay for their own as a wedding present to save money). Hair and makeup should be paid for by the bride and will cost about $250 all up.

Grooms Expenses:

Dressing grooms is significantly cheaper, on average costing around $300.

Groomsmen are around the same per person.


The ceremony is most likely the cheapest part of the day. Marriage celebrants and your wedding certificate will cost around $1000 altogether, and depending on location and number of attendants, it is usually fairly easy to keep the costs down.


A reception venue to fit 100 people will on average cost you around $700 just to hire.

Accommodating for people to eat a drink is what will cost you the most on your big day and will cost around $8000. This is based on 100 people, so of course the less people there, the cheaper the day becomes.

Things like reception music and the wedding cake will vary depending on who you hire, but altogether the average cost is about $1500.


Services like photography, car hire, floral arrangements and accommodation are important to consider when you set your budget. Scrimping on these can leave you less than impressed on your big day, so it’s crucial to make sure you are allocating each a decent amount of money.

 Around $8500-$10,000 will comfortably cover all of these other expenses you need to think about to make your wedding day individual and special to you.

Personalising your wedding is important so that you will remember it for years to come, and so little details like wedding favours and decorations will cost more than you expect as well.

While it’s important to stick to budget for your wedding, try not to focus too much on the cost of your big day. Weddings are about marrying the person you love and celebrating with friends and family. That is definitely worth spending a bit more on.  


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