The Meanings Behind Your Flower Bouquet

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Flowers are a big part of a wedding, as their appearance and aroma help to create the overall feel of the event. Why not take your flower selection to the next level by incorporating flowers based on their symbolic meaning?



The symbolism of flowers dates back to the Elizabethan era, a time when the expression of emotions was confined by the rules of etiquette. It was then that the language of flowers emerged and each variety was given individual meaning to help convey thoughts or wishes that could not be expressed aloud. We have prepared an easyto- follow A–Z chart with the meanings of many popular wedding flowers so you can incorporate some personal sentiment and meaning in your bouquet and floral arrangements.



  Flower Meaning
A Almond (flowering) Hope and watchfulness
  Alyssum (sweet) Worth beyond beauty
  Amaranth (globe) Timeless love
B Beech Prosperity
  Bellflower Gratitude, unchanging love
C Calla lily Magnificent beauty
  Camellia (red) Flame of the heart
  Camellia (white) Adoration
  Cedar Strength
  Chrysanthemum (red) Expression of love
  Clover Fertility
D Daisy Innocence
F Forget-me-not French honeysuckle
  French honeysuckle An unknowing beauty
H Hawthorn Hope
  Heliotrope Faithfulness and devotion
  Hibiscus Delicate beauty
  Honeysuckle A sweet nature
I Iris Warm affection
  Ivy Fidelity, wedded love
J Jasmine (yellow) Grace and elegance
  Jonquil Mutual affection
  Juniper Protection
L Lemon blossoms Fidelity
  Lilac (purple) First love
  Lilac (white) Youthful and innocent love
M Myrtle Love and joy
O Orange blossom Purity and loveliness
  Orchid Refined beauty
P Peach blossom A captive heart
  Pear blossom Health and hope
  Peony Happy marriage
R Rose (coral) Desire
  Rose (orange) Fascination and enthusiasm
  Rose (pink) Love and perfect happiness
  Rose (pink and white) I will always love you
  Rose (red) Love, passion, desire
  Rose (white) Innocence, truth
S Sorrel Affection
  Star of Bethlehem Purity
  Stock Everlasting thoughts of love
  Sunflower Adoration
  Sweet basil Good wishes
T Tulip (red) Declaration of love
V Veronica Fidelity
  Violet (blue) Faithfulness
  Violet (yellow) Happiness


By Jessica-Anne Lyons

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