Sydney's Top Chefs Give Wedding Menu Advice

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Brides Collective speak to three of Sydney's top chefs about planning your wedding menu.

Peter Gilmore, Quay

Quay is at the forefront of Australia's food scene, with a focus on layers of texture and flavours to create an overall sense of balance. The Sydney Harbour Restaurant has been awarded Three Chefs Hats for 10 consecutive years in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. It is also one of the only two Australian restaurants to currently appear on the prestigious S Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants. Executive chef Peter Gilmore says he brings his incredible standards to every event.








"At Quay, we approach each and every wedding as a special occasion adn ensure that it is a truly memorable day for all of the guests. We keep presentation fuss free and focus on the flavour and the quality of the ingredients.

"The ideal menu choice at the moment is replacing sit down dessertswith dessert canapes. This option allows guests to mingle immediately afterspeeches and enjoy the wedding cake alongside the canapes. 

"The most common mistake is when couples choose the same meat for both the entree and main. And another general mistake is when couples choose two red meats for their main course selections.

"Wedding food selections can be the most difficult because of the heightened sense of the importance of the event. A bad selection of food can severely disrupt the mood of the reception and is something your guests will have as a lasting memory of the day. At Quay, you are guarnateed outstanding quality to ensure the most perfect day.

Alessandro Pavoni, Ormeggio at the Spit

The waterfront Ormeggio at the Spit has a regional Italian focus from chef Alessandro Pavoni's home region, Lombardia. Each dish has carefully considered elements of simplicity, texture, temperature and taste. It has been awarded Two Chefs Hats in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2013.

"I think at a wedding, the focus has to be the food. Many weddings focus on a lot of other things, but the food isn't good quality. The Italian focus is on the concept of sharing. An Italian wedding is like a big feast: food in the middle of the table, people help themselves. 

"At Ormeggio we have two menu types: first the more rustic, traditional menu where you choose between a lot of dishes for sharing. Our second concept is a la carte, 3-4 course set menu, which highlights what Ormeggio is about.

"Our signature dish is risotto, between the stater and main course. I highly recommend it. We have several different kinds, often with a cheese like buffalo mozerlla or seafood.

"From a chef's POV, you make emotion with food. A wedding is an emotional day, so the food has to have an emotional touch, guests have to become happy with the food. The key is good quality food."

Luke Mangan, glass brasserie

Located in the centre of Sydney, glass brasserie offers simplicity, quality and consistency in all aspects of food, wine and service. The restuarant has won many awards, including One Chef's Hat in The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2012. Luke Managan was personally selected by Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary to create their memorable wedding banquet.

"At glass brasserie, our team ensure that every detail is covered for the bride and groom. We personally tailor a menu to suit theie guests to ensure a memorable experience for everyone whether it be a sit-down 3 course meal or a degustation with matching wines.

"The key is to focus on fresh, seasonal, good quality produce. Good quality red meats or fresh fish a few sides for guests to share would be an ideal main and I think anything involving chocolate for dessert is always a winner. Remember you are catering for a large group of people so not everyone's tastes will be the same.

"I think the most common mistake people make is focusing on quantity not quality and overcomplicating their menu; at glass we create menus that focus on fresh, simple and clean flavours.

"It's great to see more and more couples looking out for different options for their big day and I think can create a really great atmosphere and talking point amongst your guests."


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