Reception Ideas: 4 Sweet Treats

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Everyone loves a good dessert, so why not make your last course something really special and delight your guests with an irresistible spread of sweets?


There are plenty of delicious options when it comes to choosing the goodies for your dessert table and below are some of CW’s favourites.

Old-School Candy Bar
Treat your guests to a colourful array of confectionery and bring back childhood memories of the old corner milk bar with jars of all your favourite sweets. Going for a retro feel for your wedding? Think party mix staples such as Gummi Bears, Jaffas, milk bottles, snakes and strawberries-and-cream. For a nostalgic touch, provide guests with vintage paper bags so they can create their own take-home pick-and-mix.

A Baked Buffet
You can never go wrong with a traditional wedding cake, but as long as you have something for the cake-cutting part of the ceremony, there are plenty of ways to get creative with dessert. Give your guests a banquet of baked treats with a rainbow selection of French macarons, an extravagant croquembouche or an array of chocolate-coated mini cake pops. Can’t decide on a flavour for your wedding cake? Opt for a delightful cupcake tower and create a tiered masterpiece to accommodate for all of your favourite flavours.

Chocoholic's Dream
Chocolate is widely regarded as the food of love, so why not share the good vibes on your own day of romance? Provide your guests with a delectable display of chocolates. Serve up a spread of truffl es, pralines, chocolate hearts or even individually wrapped bars with your names on them — it’s guaranteed to be a winner.

Ice Cream Parlour
Perfect for a summer wedding, entice your guests to the dessert table with the allure of ice cream. Channel the feel of an ice-cream parlour and set up a decoration station complete with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, cream, nuts and, of course, fresh cherries to go on top. The interactivity of creating your own frozen delight will be a big hit come dessert. Go one step further and get creative by personalising the ice-cream cups and the paper covers around the cones.


Our top tips when deciding on desserts:

  • Remember those lolly bags you used to love taking home after birthday parties as a child? Chances are you never grew out of them and neither did your guests. No doubt your guests will love to take a few goodies home after your wedding, so make sure you have plenty of carry-away containers available, such as gift boxes or little paper bags so they can help themselves to the dessert table. Plus, this can double as bomboniere.
  • Make sure you think not only about taste but practicality. Something like a tiered chocolate fountain might look grand and taste gorgeous, but messy melted chocolate can be a disaster waiting to happen — think about the potential stains on your  wedding dress. If you love a good chocolate fondue and don’t want to go without it, consider serving predipped berries and marshmallows in chocolate. That way your guests can nibble on them using skewers without the dripping and sticky fingers.
  • Think of your desserts as edible decorations. When it comes to your choice of sweets, work with your colour theme and use desserts that complement the look of your wedding. For example, are you having a yellow-themed wedding? Try mini lemon meringue tarts and banana-and-chocolate-flavoured macaroons. Going with a pink theme? How about musk sticks and cupcakes with pink icing? Desserts and candies can be almost any colour!

By Jessica-Anne Lyons


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