Wedding Advice: Choosing The Perfect Transport

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Chelsea McLean of My Bridal Centre in Brisbane explores the most stylish methods of getting to the church on time.

When it comes time to travel to your wedding, choosing a stylish ride that fits your theme and your personality is paramount. We’ve gathered some tips to help you choose the vehicle that’s right for you so you can sit back, breathe and enjoy the fi nal moments before your wedding in style. Most people agree style is an individual thing. For some brides, a classic motor car feels stylish and sophisticated and for others, the latest-model stretch limousine is super chic. Whether you prefer a Rolls-Royce or a H2 Hummer, only one thing matters: how the experience of travelling to your wedding feels for you. If you’re stuck on how to choose the right ride for your wedding, then here are some tips.


Once you’re on the way to your ceremony or reception, these are the only two moments during the day when there is nothing more you can do but breathe, let go and enjoy.


If you want a moment’s peace to centre yourself before being surrounded by people or you’d like a chance to connect with a loved one, then a car could be a more intimate option than a stretch limousine.


It’s not all about the vehicle. How the transport company looks after you makes all the difference. If beverages are part of the service, check how they are served and request the brand you prefer. If it’s style you’re after, etched European crystal glasses will enhance your experience much more than plastic or pub-quality glasses. If they offer a red carpet, check it out first to see if it’s thick and plush. This stylish element may help you choose.


If you want to feel like a princess, “the Rolls-Royce of motor vehicles” is a classic choice. The Queen has five of them and it’s the only motor car designed to be chauffeur driven. Other classic cars such as the Bentley, Jaguar, Cadillac, Chevrolet, FJ Holden and VW camper vans were designed to be driven by their owners. It all depends on how you want to feel and what style is for you. If you choose a convertible, be sure to have someone on hand to fix
your hairdo!`


If your theme is modern, there is a big selection of luxury rides from the latest Mercedes and BMWs to the bolder Chryslers and Hummers. Vintage weddings lend themselves to the classic-style Rolls-Royce and Bentley vehicles. If you’re unsure, you can ask a wedding stylist for advice.


You might want to choose a vehicle that has signifi cant meaning to you or your family. For some brides, this means a certain brand of vehicle and for others, it could be something unexpected like an old working fi re engine. If you’re after a romantic meaning, the Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament has been on virtually ever y Rolls-Royce car since 1911 and was inspired by a true love story about an aristocrat and a commoner entwined in a passionate
love affair.


Other ways to arrive at your wedding in style are a horse-drawn carriage, vintage bicycle, Vespa scooter or classic motorcycle with sidecar. With so many choices offering stylish appeal, the biggest challenge is deciding what suits your individual style and doing your homework to make sure the service will live up to your expectations. Chelsea writes for professional wedding service provider My Bridal Centre in Brisbane.


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